Solidarity Mobilizations in the ‘Refugee Crisis’ by Donatella della Porta

Solidarity Mobilizations in the ‘Refugee Crisis’ by Donatella della Porta

Author:Donatella della Porta
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Cham

From this perspective, Moroccan activism should not be judged by European standards. Whereas some activists consider that ‘it is difficult to find counterparts in Morocco, they do not dare to confront the state and, in the end, they do nothing’ (Interview S16), others are more empathetic with the Moroccan activists: ‘We know that they are risking more than we do’ (Interview S2). In fact, while pro-migrant rights Moroccan activists complain about systematic violation of migrants’ human rights, our interviewees from AMDH and the Delegación de Migraciones of Tangier’s Archdioceses in Nador expressed awareness of the need to be extremely careful, as their activity is closely monitored by Moroccan authorities (Interview S6). Pressing circumstances often make them prioritise the ability to help refugees over direct confrontation with the Moroccan state. Not only the configuration of allies and opponents but the repressive strategies of Moroccan-Spanish states and authorities make them extremely cautious.


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