Smoke and Sin (The Perfect Gentlemen #4) by Shayla Black Lexi Blake

Smoke and Sin (The Perfect Gentlemen #4) by Shayla Black Lexi Blake

Author:Shayla Black, Lexi Blake [Shayla Black, Lexi Blake]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Shayla Black, Lexi Blake, Perfect Gentlemen, romantic suspense, thriller, Romance
Publisher: Black Oak Books, LLC
Published: 2017-09-26T07:00:00+00:00


Roman ushered Gus into the presidential suite before him, studying the stiff set of her shoulders and the haughty way she held her head. The questions rolled through him like a storm. What the hell had he done to suddenly put her in that bitchy, closed-off mood? He’d watched her change. One minute she’d been a happy little sex kitten, all curled up and ready to be cuddled. The next she’d gone cold as ice.

Was it because he’d joked about getting her pregnant? Was Gus’s biological clock ticking? Had he poked at some sore spot?

He wasn’t about to tell her that when he’d thrust inside her without a condom, his first and arousing-as-fuck thought had been that he could get her pregnant. They weren’t kids. They could handle it. Plus, a baby would bind them together. It would mean a permanent connection to her. They would have to work something out, then. They would both have to think about the child they shared first.

Not that his parents had. They hadn’t changed at all once they’d had a kid. In fact, they might have gotten worse. That was why he’d made the joke. His desire for a kid whose life they would probably ruin scared the hell out of him.

But…was his life really ruined? Or was he holding on to that thinking as a defense against the terrifying possibility that he cared about a woman and might want a future with her? That he was falling for Gus again?

He couldn’t love her.

Roman stopped at the scene that greeted him. Liz sat on the couch, wearing a set of lounge pajamas. Because she was Liz, she looked elegant even though she was barefaced and clearly ready for bed. Zack was still clad in his tuxedo slacks and shirt, his tie and jacket gone. He paced behind Liz as he held what looked like a file folder in his hands, reading in a silent, grim fury. Lara sat beside Liz while Gabe and Everly had taken up the desk in the corner. She clicked away on her laptop. Everyone was tense.

Something was wrong.

“The gang’s all here.” He kept his tone bland since not everyone was in the loop about the conspiracy around Zack. He nodded Lara and Liz’s way, noting Gus immediately sat down beside her friend. When he was close enough to be certain the women couldn’t hear him, he leaned toward Zack. “It looks like a party, not a family gathering. Should I get us some beers?”

Zack sighed. “I can’t leave Liz out of this now, and since I knew Gus was with you, I saw no reason not to bring her in, either.”

Roman wasn’t pleased. “And we couldn’t leave them out why?”

Zack held the folder up, his voice a harsh whisper. “This is the reason. Liz?”

“I found that folder laying on my bed. I guess my room was easier to get into.” The press secretary might look casually elegant, but her hands shook as she clutched them together in her lap.


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