Side Colors III by Isuna Hasekura

Side Colors III by Isuna Hasekura

Author:Isuna Hasekura [Hasekura, Isuna]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher: Yen On
Published: 2017-04-25T00:00:00+00:00



Just one hill away from the town, an unfamiliar landscape spread out before her.

Unlike the hills and fields she knew so well that she could walk them with her eyes closed, this land led to another country.

Looking up, she saw birds flying high overhead, and far behind her, she could see sheep and a shepherd.

Though she had little fondness for it, now that she was finally leaving the place, a faint loneliness welled up within her.

The wind blew softly, as though sighing its exasperation at her. She sighed herself and took a deep breath. Embarking on such a journey always inspired such misgivings.

She shifted the pack on her shoulders and faced forward. The road stretched straight out ahead, and there was no need for hesitation. After all, she was not alone.

Her faithful, black-furred knight looked up at her with his clear eyes. Her courageous, faithful companion was occasionally quite strict as befitted a proper knight. He gazed at her, seemingly able to see right through her to the worry she felt.

Instead of telling him she was all right, she simply smiled at him, which her knight stood at—as though to say, “Now all we have to do is get moving.”

Having taken the first step, the second came much more easily. The third and fourth were beneath notice.

The more they walked, the more the scenery around them began to change.

Their journey to seek a new world and a new life had begun.


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