Shawn by Catherine Lievens

Shawn by Catherine Lievens

Author:Catherine Lievens [Lievens, Catherine]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Adult, GLBT, Gay, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, shapeshifter
ISBN: 9781487411084
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Published: 2017-07-28T05:00:00+00:00

* * * *

“You can go in,” Clea told Jarah.

Jarah nodded and pushed open the door to Kameron’s office. He’d managed to talk to all the remaining tribe members over the past few days, and he had the support of most of them. Not everyone was happy about what he was planning to do, but after Titus had nailed a list of couples on the door of his hut and had suggested everyone get ready for the upcoming weddings, no one had protested what Jarah planned.

“Close the door,” Kameron said when he looked up from his computer.

Jarah obeyed and went to sit in front of the desk. He was used to dealing with Kameron, since Titus refused to do so, even though he was the tribe leader. Jarah liked Kameron, and he knew the tribe would have been long gone if the alpha hadn’t offered to take them in like he had. They just didn’t have the means to survive on their own, not with most of the adult males gone.

“You’re here about Titus,” Kameron said, and it wasn’t a question.


“Finally decided to do something about him?”

Jarah sighed. “Yes. I have to.”

Kameron nodded. “I realize that. I appreciate you intervening before I have to. What did you decide to do?”

“The less painful way is to take his place as the leader. Then I’ll do what most tribe members want and let them go.”

Kameron’s eyes narrowed. “He’s been forcing people to stay here?”

“Not exactly. I’m sure he’d let them go if they told him they were leaving, but no one has. I’ve had people come to me and tell me they’d like to move with their family or into other tribes, but no one has said they were actually doing it. I guess they feel like they’d betray Titus.”

“Or they’re afraid of him.”

“No.” Titus might be running down the crazy road with his marriage fixation, but he’d never be violent. They might not have lost so many members if he’d decided the tribe should fight with the council instead of sending people to assist the other shifters like his father had promised. Instead, he’d chosen the easy way because he’d thought it would save them.

It hadn’t.

“I’ll trust you on that, since you know both Titus and the tribe better than I do. What’s your plan, then?”

Jarah tried to relax, but it was next to impossible. Instead, he sat in the chair, his back ramrod straight as he explained, “I already talked to the tribe members. Some aren’t happy, but all of them understand what might happen to Titus if something doesn’t change. I’m not the only one who worries about him. We all understand he’s trying to save the tribe, but a lot of us don’t think that’s possible.”

“So you’d become the leader only to dismantle it.”


“What about Titus? I know the two of you are friends, but you might not be after this.”

Jarah shrugged. “I’m aware of that. It doesn’t change what I think and what I need to do.”

“What do you think he’ll do?”

Jarah had thought of that.


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