Royal Replicas: The Complete Series by Michael Pierce

Royal Replicas: The Complete Series by Michael Pierce

Author:Michael Pierce [Pierce, Michael]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: ParousiaSix Press
Published: 2019-03-17T22:00:00+00:00



Bethany and I stood side by side, gazing at ourselves in the long washroom mirror. Kimera was standing off to the side, smiling.

As much as I’d wanted the emerald dress, we all agreed that wouldn’t be wise. Instead, Kimera had chosen what she described as a lace trim pintuck cocktail dress with slight cap sleeves and a shark-bite hem. Kimera called this one apricot. She’d given me the diamond tiara Queen Hart had given her.

Bethany was in a similar dress, hers a slightly darker shade of peach and longer lace-patterned sleeves. She wore one of the many tiaras from my closet.

With our hair done up the same and with identical makeup, we truly looked like clones. Bethany’s hair was cut a few inches to match the length of mine, while Kimera had even given me several more ear piercings to mimic Bethany. I could look in the mirror and to the girl standing beside me—and it was difficult to determine who I was really looking at. I’d been disturbed by the whole clone revelation, but this likeness was eerie.

“As long as you keep your mouth shut, you should have no problem passing for me,” Bethany said and we both laughed.

“I’ll keep my comments to a minimum,” I said. “And I’ll try to be polite.”

“I know it’ll be hard.”

After a few more scrutinizing moments, Kimera had us turn around and made some minor adjustments to our makeup.

“I don’t even see what you did,” I said, gazing into the mirror once again.

“It doesn’t matter,’ Kimera said. “Now you’re perfect.”

Then Prince Byron was standing in the washroom doorway. “Wow…” was all he could manage to say.

“Don’t you knock or something?” I teased.

“Victoria, I presume,” he said with a smirk.

“Remember, polite,” Bethany said and passed Prince Byron to exit the washroom. She gave him a kiss on the cheek as she did so.

“Do heels ever stop sucking?” I said, partially to Kimera, but projecting enough so Bethany could still hear me.

“I wouldn’t know,” Prince Byron said, approaching me, taking my face in his hands, and planting his lips on mine.

Kimera slunk past us to join Bethany in the other room.

“No,” Bethany called, but I was already consumed with other thoughts, burning desires as the Prince continued to kiss me.

When we parted, he said, “We’re being summoned downstairs. People are starting to arrive. Kale and his father are on their way—I don’t know who else. But they should be here in the next few hours. Do you have your phone?”

“No, I forgot it in the camp,” I said.

“That explains it,” he said. “But it’s okay. Kale will call me when they get here, so we can all locate each other.”

I took a deep breath. It was all happening. I needed to remain calm. I could handle whatever happened.

“Are you ready for this?” Prince Byron asked.

I nodded, not wanting to lie, nor verbalize the rising panic I was feeling.

He took me in his arms, sensing I wasn’t all right or ready for this. But I’d do it all the same.


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