Revenge in Barcelona by Kathryn Lane

Revenge in Barcelona by Kathryn Lane

Author:Kathryn Lane [Lane, Kathryn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781733282734
Publisher: Tortuga Publishing, LLC
Published: 2019-12-07T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Five

Barcelona—Small Mosque

Saturday Early Afternoon

Taiwo, feeling dejected, walked the narrow side street leading to the mosque where he was staying. So much planning and preparation, yet not nearly the damage they had planned. Only the first detonation went off. The idea to detonate multiple explosions to create more confusion and chaos while causing more structural damage had seemed like a good one. More infidels would have died. More infidels would have been injured. Taiwo stopped to remove his shoes. He picked them up as he opened the door to enter the hall maintained for worship. The cleric stepped into the prayer room through a doorway from his adjoining private living quarters.

“As-salamu alaikum,” the imam said, his right hand over his heart.

“Wa alaikumu as-salaam,” Taiwo responded, also placing his hand over his heart.

“Have you heard the news, brother?” the cleric asked. His lips parted into a half smile as he approached Taiwo to cheek-kiss him on both sides.

“What news?” Taiwo asked, unable to cover the disappointment in his voice.

“An attack on a Christian target, Sagrada Família. Come into my quarters and listen to the television.”

Threadbare Persian carpets covered the floor of the musty, dark room that served as the cleric’s living room. The pungent aroma of chaat masala combined with fennel, cumin, chiles, and oregano infused the space. Taiwo’s salivary glands reacted and he swallowed hard. The imam’s wife could be seen through a doorway to the kitchen.

The cleric led the way to a dark bedroom, its two windows hidden by heavy velvet curtains. A small television placed on a long, low table offered the only source of light. He turned the sound up. Despite the dim room, the television’s flickering illuminated a jubilant smile on the cleric’s face.

A woman’s somber voice updated listeners on the events still unfolding at Sagrada Família as the camera panned the landmark. Patrol cars, ambulances, and fire trucks lined the pedestrian street. Then it broke away to a makeshift podium set up on the street, near the small gate to the parishioners’ patio.

Flanked by the mayor on one side of the podium and law enforcement personnel on the other, the chief of the mossos d’esquadra stood erect in his impeccable uniform. As he spoke into the microphone with a measured monotone voice, he appeared as stiff as the medals adorning his jacket.

“Barcelona has suffered a terrorist attack at Sagrada Família. Fifteen people are confirmed dead, including a police officer run over by an automobile and three suspects killed by gunfire. In addition, fifty-three injured have been taken to area hospitals.”

The chief’s statement ended with a plea for citizens to come forward with information, no matter how trivial, and videos taken at the scene of the crime that might show suspicious activity or potential suspects. He also added the description of a person of interest to the police—a man of African ancestry, with a full black beard, reported to have been seen at the site. The police want to interrogate him.

The mayor stepped to the microphone. She urged citizens to remain calm yet vigilant.


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