Regular Expressions Pocket Primer by Oswald Campesato

Regular Expressions Pocket Primer by Oswald Campesato

Author:Oswald Campesato
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Regular Expressions Pocket Primer
ISBN: 9781683922278
Publisher: David Pallai
Published: 2018-06-13T04:00:00+00:00



This chapter introduces you to REs in R, which are used from a statistical viewpoint to solve tasks for data scientists. Keep in mind that basic familiarity with standard data types in R is required for this chapter, such as creating string vectors, vectors of sentences, and data frames. This chapter shows you how to use REs in some R-specific commands, thereby enhancing your knowledge of R. When you have finished this chapter, you will have enough knowledge to convert the code samples in the first two chapters to their R counterparts.

The first section of this chapter contains a summary of rules for metacharacters in R, an overview of search functions in R, as well an explanation of grep-related commands in R. The second section of this chapter contains basic examples of REs in R, which are similar to approximately 25% of Chapter 1. The final section of this chapter contains a collection of one-line REs in R that use some of the R commands that are discussed in the second section.

One recommendation: download and install RStudio for your platform and use RStudio to test the REs in this chapter. RStudio is an extremely powerful code development environment, and a must-learn tool if you plan to work extensively in R.


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