Read Between the Lines by Jenelle Evans

Read Between the Lines by Jenelle Evans

Author:Jenelle Evans [Evans, Jenelle]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Jenelle Evans
Published: 2017-06-14T16:00:00+00:00

My last entry in the Doll Diary sees me a little over a year later, and with a new man. Emphasis on man. Andrew was twenty-two when we first discovered each other. Six years older than I. Talk about trouble, he was a whole bucket load!

We met online the October before this entry, and talked through messages for a couple of weeks. Just after my birthday in December we finally met in person. By this diary entry I am already on a “break” from him because we were fighting about something stupid. I am so enamored of him that I hold up his drinking habit as a good thing. All he does is drink? He did drink. A lot. Ugh. I got so sick of it. I mean I like a beer every now and again (now that I am of age of course) but he stayed wasted most of the time.

At sixteen I thought that was so cool. He drank more than he should, and I thought it was so adult and fascinating. After this entry, we got back together and I fell even harder and deeper in love with him. There was no going back for me. I was hooked on Andrew and nothing could separate us. Ever.

Not even the school system. Andrew used to come and pick me up from school every day and we would go hang out until that evening, then I would go home. Well, the school system didn’t like the idea of me having an older guy come and get me. They threatened to suspend me if they caught him on the school grounds again. I didn’t listen and got suspended anyways. After that he used to park down the street and I would walk down from the school and get in his car and leave with him. What can I say, I was crazy about the guy.

With Andrew, I found myself in the same position I was in with William. I became a doormat for the guy. He came and got what he wanted from me, when he wanted it, and I waited for him to tell me what to do. We had to talk when he wanted to talk, no matter the odd hours. We had to go out when he wanted to go out. We did what he wanted to do. My world revolved around Andrew.

By December of 2008 my life took a sharp turn when I missed my first period. A few weeks later I suspected I was pregnant. At first I wasn’t sure what to do. Who could I tell? Where could I get help? Andrew wouldn’t want a baby with me, I was only seventeen! I knew my mother would kill me. It was the most frightening moment of my life. Even with another life growing inside of me, I had never felt so alone.

I told Andrew about it first. He was a little surprised but didn’t get upset about it. In truth, I think he didn’t care.


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