Pucked Under (Pucked #4.5) by Helena Hunting

Pucked Under (Pucked #4.5) by Helena Hunting

Author:Helena Hunting [Hunting, Helena]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781682307946
Amazon: 1682307948
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Published: 2016-10-09T23:00:00+00:00




On the way back to Alex’s cottage, Randy finds an off-roading path. He parks the truck and apologizes for scaring the crap out of me with the phone fiasco by using his tongue and his amazing cock. I’m grateful for the apology and the phone not being lost.

Beyond the humiliation of having our very prolific sex life broadcasted all over the internet, I can’t even imagine the backlash from the bunnydom. Since I started dating Randy, the bunnies have been guzzling Haterade something fierce. It got worse when he moved me into his house.

I used to think it was crazy how magazines would feature pictures of celebrities grocery shopping, or walking up the steps to their front porch. Like, seriously, who cares what grocery store people shop at? Now that I’m the one people are hypothesizing about, I can tell you a lot of people do care.

I realized this when all of a sudden Randy and I were the focal point of hockey-fanatic speculation: I was pregnant. I’d blackmailed him into letting me move in. We’d secretly gotten married—that came on the heels of Alex and Violet’s impromptu Vegas wedding, so it was the least farfetched of all the possibilities. My personal favorite was that we were somehow related and having an incestuous, torrid affair. Most of it I let roll off my back. But sometimes it was hard to take. Sometimes it still is.

So while I’m learning how to handle social media with some level of grace, there’s no way in hell I’d ever want those little videos Randy and I make—for and with each other—to go anywhere beyond us. The exception being the first one he ever sent me, which I shared only with a couple of friends. That was the night I started to fall in love with Randy, and he with me. I see it every time I watch that clip. It’s in his eyes, in the soft way he looks at me and touches me.

Everyone’s down at the dock when we get back to the cottage. Randy’s already in his swim shorts, so he sends me up to the room to get changed on my own. That’s okay since I had a shot of moody dick on the way home.

I come down in a string bikini chosen with the help of Violet and Charlene on a recent shopping trip. It’s not my usual style. There isn’t much in the way of fabric, and half my bum is on display, but they both agreed it’s sexy, so I bought it. I pull a cover-up over it so I don’t feel quite so self-conscious, throw a couple extra towels in my beach bag, and join the rest of our friends.

Randy’s already getting acquainted with the Polaroid camera. I sneak up behind him as he snaps a selfie and snatch the picture from the camera.

“Hey! Gimme that!” He grabs for me, but I jump out of reach. He can’t really come after me since he’s surrounded by developing photos on his armrests and Wiener is in his lap.


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