Planet Bound by Mejia R.A

Planet Bound by Mejia R.A

Author:Mejia, R.A. [Mejia, R.A.]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2018-10-20T16:00:00+00:00

Visions of hundreds or even thousands of these tiny robotic spiders crawling all over the ship race through my mind, and I involuntarily shutter. But not wanting to be unsupportive, I say, “Well, I’m glad you’ll have your own body soon.”

“Thank you. But since you’ve technically gathered the resources I need, you’ve completed the quest I assigned.” A familiar song plays through the ship, and the words CONGRATULATIONS YOU’VE COMPLETED YOUR QUEST appear on the screens around me.

I laugh when I read them. It never ceases to surprise me how much effort SAI goes through to keep up the quest mechanic she’s using. But, I’ll admit, the little rewards and notifications do something for me. I always feel a bit better when I get a ‘quest complete’ notification.


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