Personal Challenges by K.C. Wells

Personal Challenges by K.C. Wells

Author:K.C. Wells
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: K.C. Wells

* * * * * *

While Ray poured out a glass of wine for Colin and some juice for himself, Colin took a quick tour of the flat. It was small, with sloping ceilings on both sides and wooden floors that gave the rooms a warm glow. Small, square windows were set into the roof. One room comprised a kitchen and living room, and Colin estimated the compact space probably measured fourteen feet by ten. One door led off it to the bedroom. The bathroom was all done in white tiles, with a shower over the bath. Despite the flat’s diminutive size, there was a light, spacious feel to it.

“I love your flat,” he said as he went back into the living room. Ray was placing two glasses on the coffee table. He glanced at Colin and smiled.

“I’ve been here for a few years now. Tomorrow I’ll take you down to the river which flows past the rear of the building. I walk along it once a day—if I have the energy, that is.” Ray sat on the small two-seater couch and patted the cushion. “This is your bed tonight, by the way. And before you ask how I can expect you to fit that muscled physique on here, it opens out into a bed.”

Colin grinned. “Thanks for that. I had visions of sleeping with my feet sticking out the window.” His attention was drawn to the sores around Ray’s mouth, and he couldn’t help wondering about his state of health.

Unfortunately Ray caught his glance. “Yes, I know, I’ve looked better.”

“Can we talk about your health?” Colin asked hesitantly. He was conscious of not wanting to overstep any boundaries.

Ray snorted. “Health? I always think that sounds like such a positive word, don’t you? And one that doesn’t really fit this situation.” There was a bitter edge to his voice that made Colin’s stomach clench. “Anyway, we can talk about me tomorrow. Right now I want to hear all about you.”

Colin gave a start when a loud buzz came from near the front door.

“And that will be the pizza,” Ray said with a grin. “You can get the door, seeing as this is your shout.”

“No problem.” Colin got up from the couch and reached into his jeans pocket for his wallet. He took the large box and the plastic bag from the delivery guy, paid him, including a tip, and then brought the items through into the living room. Ray had plates and cutlery waiting.

The smell of the pizza had Colin salivating. The last thing he’d eaten had been breakfast. Then he gave an inward chuckle. Not quite the last thing.

Ray shook his head at the sight of the food that filled the table. “I hope you’re hungry, because my appetite isn’t what it used to be.”

“Just eat what you can,” Colin told him. He’d wait until tomorrow to get answers.


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