Paint Pouring by Rick Cheadle

Paint Pouring by Rick Cheadle

Author:Rick Cheadle
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781631583001
Publisher: Racehorse
Published: 2018-02-11T16:00:00+00:00

Dip, Pour, and Swipe

Canvas dipped, poured-over, and then swiped.

Reshugah (2017) by Rick Cheadle, created using the dip, pour, and swipe method.


For this technique, pick out your colors and either pour single colors all over the canvas or combine in a dirty pour cup. The way I typically choose colors for these types of pours is to pick my favorite analogous color scheme (three adjacent colors on the color wheel) for the first pour, then add three complementary colors and blow on those three added colors.

An example would be to have a base coat of yellow, yellow-green, and green poured all over and covering the canvas. Then using the complementary color red-violet, pour puddles wherever you think it’s appropriate, keeping in mind basic design elements like composition, balance, etc.

Once all the colors have been poured onto the canvas surface, then introduce air. I use a computer duster tube, but a straw or an air compressor will do. The idea here is to blow air onto the canvas and manipulate the paints to create unique patterns and designs.


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