Outlaw Road by Billy Kring

Outlaw Road by Billy Kring

Author:Billy Kring [Kring, Billy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Billy Kring
Published: 2014-01-13T22:00:00+00:00


Ronald’s opening argument was short and to the point, but it wasn’t the words that affected the jury, it was Ronald. He paced in front of them, movie star handsome, every word delivered with clarity and conviction, his body language adding emphasis at crucial points. Several of the women nodded their heads at what he said, unaware they were doing so. He closed by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, ask yourself how you would feel, how your life and that of your young son would be turned upside-down by the cold, deadly actions of Agent Kincaid. Imagine seeing the person you love shot down before your eyes.”

He paused and looked at each juror, “As I said before, this is a civil trial and there will be no prison time for Agent Kincaid. But you can make a statement at such injustice. A guilty verdict will send a clear message to those in law enforcement. Your monetary judgment against Agent Kincaid will still make this statement. We all know it isn’t the amount of money awarded that will force officers of the law to value life. I am sure, when you see the evidence and testimony presented, that you will make the right decision and find Agent Kincaid guilty. Thank you.”

Truman gave the jury some extra moments before he stood up. “Ladies and gentlemen, what you just heard was very emotional, and the trauma that Mrs. Garcia and her son went through is real.” He stopped talking as he walked closer to the jury box. He said, “But no one’s talked about the trauma that Hunter Kincaid experienced. Imagine it is you there on that day, and you see the narcotics, see the crime in progress. Imagine trying to arrest a known killer and seeing him pull a gun with every intention of killing you, and you have to fire in self defense.”

He stepped back and said, “Now, imagine the burden of not being able to clear your name, of being found innocent in a criminal trial, only to be tried again in a civil court. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not O.J. Simpson’s trial. Agent Hunter Kincaid is not O. J. Simpson. The members of the criminal trial jury didn’t miss anything, and I am sure neither will you. We will show, by facts and evidence, not hysteria and emotion that a terrible thing happened that day, and a man lost his life…but it was not the fault of Agent Kincaid, who acted with professionalism and competence in upholding our nation’s laws. Thank you.”

Truman sat down beside Hunter and said under his breath, “I feel like Quasimodo following Prince Charming in a kissing contest.”

Ronald called the widow Garcia to the stand, bringing out the emotional big gun first, and with a court interpreter, elicited her story. It was all Hunter could do not to roll her eyes as the widow sprayed tears and shuddering words at every question, whether it had to do with her marriage, her life, or the shooting.


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