Neriah by Catherine Lievens

Neriah by Catherine Lievens

Author:Catherine Lievens [Lievens, Catherine]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Adult, GLBT, Gay, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter
ISBN: 9781487410377
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Published: 2017-05-12T05:00:00+00:00

* * * *

Connor looked up from his laptop when his phone rang. He wasn’t sure where the damn thing was—that was one of the downsides of living in a living room. He didn’t have a lot of space to put his stuff, and he was always losing something.

He picked up the folders next to him on the couch, but the phone wasn’t there. It wasn’t far, though—Connor could hear it. He pushed his hand between the couch cushions and extracted his vibrating phone.


“Connor, this is Jim.”

“Oh, hey. I’m almost done with the last article, then I’ll be able to start one on living with the shifters.”

“That’s good, but it’s not the reason I’m calling.”

Jim sounded serious, and that usually meant something bad had happened. “What is it?” Connor couldn’t think of anything.

“Dana just handed me her latest article. It’s on shifters and the work they’re doing with the hotline and the kids.”

Connor frowned. “But I just handed one in about that.”

“I know. Look, I didn’t ask her to write it, but it’s good.”

Dana was a good journalist, so Connor wasn’t surprised. “Are you going to run that one rather than mine?”

“Well, she’s missing several key points, obviously, and she asked me to allow her to go to Gillham and interview the alpha and other shifters.”

“I thought I had the exclusive on this.”

“You did.”

But Dana’s father was a friend of Jim, and he probably didn’t want to tell her no. “I don’t anymore.”

“That’s not what I’m saying. From what you told me, the alpha and the rest of the pack weren’t eager to talk to you in the beginning.”

“No, they weren’t. I got in only because I helped one of the pack members in town and he asked Alpha Rhett to meet me as a personal favor.”

“But now you’re in.”

“I am, but it’s mostly because Alpha Rhett knows me better and because my mate is a pack member. I wouldn’t be allowed here this easily if I didn’t have Neriah, and the pack members wouldn’t talk to me as much as they do.” Thank God for small mercies. Dana would try her hardest to talk to people Connor hadn’t talked to and to get new info, but he didn’t think she’d get it. She could shake her boobs as much as she wanted, it wasn’t like a lot of people in Gillham would be interested.

“Okay, so you’re there to stay, and you’ll have your weekly article about what living with shifters is like. I’m going to ask Dana to interview the town’s people. She can give us another point of view that’ll complement your stuff.”

“The human point of view?”

“No. You’re already that, at least when it comes to living with shifters. No, she can give us the point of view of complete outsiders, like the little old lady who shops at the same grocery store as the big bad wolf, things like that.”

“Seriously? You want to ask Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother what she thinks of being eaten by the wolf?”

Jim laughed.


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