Nauti Angel by Lora Leigh

Nauti Angel by Lora Leigh

Author:Lora Leigh
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Published: 2017-11-07T05:00:00+00:00

• • •

Duke was aware of Chaya and Natches as they stared at Angel silently, concern marking their expressions before Chaya turned on her heel and left the bedroom.

“She’s the same way.” Natches sighed heavily, shaking his head before meeting Duke’s gaze. “Find me when Ethan’s finished.”

Nodding in reply, Duke waited until the door leading to the hall closed behind them before turning back to Ethan.

“She’s hurting, and I’m not talking about her leg,” Ethan stated as Duke sat on the bed next to Angel and brushed her hair from her forehead.

Ethan was meticulously cleaning the three-inch cut she had in her leg after removing the previous stitches. Tracker had warned Duke about the leg when he called to inform him she was in Somerset and possibly in trouble and he had laughed when Duke promised to kill him.

“I know.” Staring down at her unconscious face he tried to feel guilty about the trick he and Ethan had played on her, but both of them were well aware of her squeamishness when it came to stitches as well as needles.

For a woman that risked bullets on a nearly daily basis that aversion surprised him.

Duke restrained a need to smile at the little snort of breath Angel made as she slept. Not a snore, but definitely bordering on it.

Ethan actually chuckled as he began restitching the wound. Taking care of her when she was wounded was a job itself at times. Watching his brother meticulously sew the flesh back together and tie the thread off, Duke wondered how the hell that infection had happened. Angel was too careful, too exact about keeping wounds clean, he thought as Ethan smeared the goop he got from Memmie Mary on the newly stitched flesh.

Their grandmother made the noxious salve for Ethan and stored it until he visited to collect more. For as long as Duke could remember the family had used that salve for every known ill they’d ever faced and Ethan swore by it.

“Being here with Chaya hurts her,” Ethan guessed, repacking the case. “She’s not going to give in easy.”

Yes, it does, Duke agreed silently, and he had no idea how to fix it. He’d spent five years trying to take away Angel’s hurt, only to hurt her worse in the end, just as he’d feared he would. And it wasn’t about to end. This situation had to be fixed, and like a wound that had healed badly, it would have to be reopened first.

The pain, the loss, the uncertainty Angel felt in keeping her identity hidden only weakened her. Duke was terrified it was going to end up getting her killed.

Applying a large adhesive bandage over the stitches, Ethan made certain each side was securely hugging the skin before he sat back, his gaze returning to meet Duke’s.

“She’ll sleep for a few hours,” his brother predicted. “If she goes a little longer I won’t worry. From the shadows under her eyes it’s been a while since she’s had a good night’s rest.


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