Nancy J. Cohen - Bad Hair Day 08 - Perish By Pedicure by Perish By Pedicure

Nancy J. Cohen - Bad Hair Day 08 - Perish By Pedicure by Perish By Pedicure

Author:Perish By Pedicure
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2006-05-11T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twelve

Marla wondered who would bring up the subject of Heather’s death while working the next day at her salon. Unable to reach any of the Luxor crew on Tuesday, she’d left a message on Jan’s answering machine at the hotel. Hopefully, their acting director had shared the news. Marla was too busy this morning with clients to spare time for phone calls. She had to clear her schedule for the photo shoot at noon.

Georgia helped her move the chairs away from the front reception area in preparation for the photographer’s arrival. Marla stayed out of the man’s way while he set up his backdrop screen, lights, and tripod. Hoping none of their customers would trip over the wires snaking across the floor, she greeted the Luxor gang when they arrived.

Marla relied on Luis to direct traffic, but the handsome Cubano receptionist wasn’t much help when the models arrived. Turning on his charm, he chatted them up and let the phone ring too long.

Jan, who seemed born to command, was calm and collected in a svelte black pantsuit, although she was more subdued than usual as she issued orders. No one mentioned Heather. Each team member had a task to perform, and they all got to work without much conversation.

Marla got sidetracked fixing a coloring error on a walk-in customer. By the time she finished, Jan was urging Sampson to finish his fancy updo on one of the models. Using Marla’s station, he chatted with the girl while wielding his curling iron with aplomb. From the awed look on the girl’s face, Marla guessed he must have been bragging about himself.

Ron had just completed a geisha look on one model. Putting down his implements, he called for the next one. None responded, the girls just stood there, exchanging solemn glances among themselves. Ron approached Marla.

“Wasn’t I supposed to work on Heather now?” he demanded, planting himself in front of the reception desk from where Luis avidly watched the proceedings. “Jan said she was killed yesterday. I can’t believe that’s true. Do you know what happened? You’re the one who left the message.”

Marla swallowed. She’d known someone would broach the topic before long. Stumbling over her words, she explained how Heather had summoned her and what she’d found, omitting any mention of the piece of paper in Heather’s hand.

“Who would do that to her? She was so beautiful.” His brows folded. “What did she say on the phone?”

“Just that she had important information to share.”

“Why you? You’re not one of us.” He must have seen the stricken look on her face, because he hastily corrected himself. “I mean, you haven’t been with Luxor as long as the rest of us. I’m just curious why she’d wanna talk to you.”

Marla tilted her head. “Probably because I hang around with a cop boyfriend, and she saw Detective Masterson at the show. She must have figured I’d pass on whatever she told me, assuming it related to Chris’s murder.”

“You think?”


He cursed. “Now we’ll have to get someone else for the shoot in the Keys.


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