My Time as Caz Hazard by Tanya Kyi

My Time as Caz Hazard by Tanya Kyi

Author:Tanya Kyi
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: JUV000000
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Published: 2004-08-31T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eight

I slumped into my chair at school the next morning. I could think of a hundred reasons that school should start in the afternoon. Amanda caught me yawning and did an exaggerated imitation, displaying her tonsils and her usual wad of gum.

“I slept in, okay?” I grumbled. I’d skipped breakfast, too, grabbing an orange juice at the corner store on my way to school. It wasn’t helping to keep me awake.

In fact, the only thing keeping me awake was the neon yellow glow of Dodie’s shirt. The more I looked at her, the more she annoyed me. It was bad enough that the entire school population called us speds. Did she have to dress like a sped? Did she have to smile at me every morning like a puppy dog, hoping I would pet her? Did she have to hand in all her assignments on time?

Her latest outfit was the worst so far. Her fluorescent yellow sweater with its draw-string top was paired with green cords — the kind that made that horrible swish, swish noise whenever she shifted in her seat. She looked like a 1970s lounge act.

The worst part was the blank look on her face as Ms. Samuels came in and began writing word lists on the board. Dodie’s eyes were vacant, like she was watching some secret movie in her own head. It was because of her that kids like Amanda and me got such a bad rep. The more I thought about it, Dodie was the worst part of being in this class.

Maybe Amanda was thinking the same thing. She waited until Ms. Samuels wasn’t watching, then she kicked Dodie under the table. Dodie flinched but didn’t say anything. A couple of minutes later, Amanda kicked her again. This time Dodie pulled her chair away from the table.

Ms. Samuels turned around. “Dodie, pull your chair in and write these down, please,” she said.

Amanda smirked and I grinned at her.

I looked again at Dodie’s hideous yellow shirt and then at the half-empty orange juice container I’d brought for breakfast. The next time Ms. Samuels turned to the board, I gave the container a swat and it went flying across the table and into Dodie’s lap. She yelped.

Ms. Samuels jumped, sending a streak of chalk across the board.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, jumping up.

“What’s going on here?”

“An accident,” I said. “I’ll run for some paper towels.”

Escaping into the empty hallway, I felt wide-awake for the first time all morning. It was the same feeling that I’d had in the mall. For a minute I felt smarter than anyone else — Dodie, Ms. Samuels, the store clerks.

The feeling lasted all the way to the bathroom, where I grabbed the whole roll of paper towel. When I got back to the classroom, Dodie was gone.

“She’s gone home to change,” Ms. Samuels said, looking at me with a hint of disapproval. Was it because of the interruption, or did she know I’d spilled the juice on purpose?

“Wipe off the table and sit down, please.


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