Moonwar by Benjamin William Bova

Moonwar by Benjamin William Bova

Author:Benjamin William Bova [Bova, Benjamin William]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Science Fiction
Publisher: http://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg.onion
Published: 1998-07-12T16:00:00+00:00


Tamara Bonai cancelled her plans to return to Kiribati and extended her stay in Savannah for twenty-four hours – at Rashid's request.

As the board meeting had broken up, he had asked her to remain an extra day. “Now that the pressure is off, I'd like to take you sailing.”

She saw something in his eyes that surprised her: not anger or worry over Joanna Brudnoy's intransigence, but relief, almost satisfaction. So she thought it over for a few moments, then smiled and agreed. There is something going on in his mind that he didn't tell us at the board meeting, she thought. It could be simple lust, she realized. Alone together on a boat, it would be difficult to evade his ardor. But what she saw in his eyes was more than that. Tamara saw triumph in Rashid's pleased expression.

He was happy, carefree, as he guided the power cruiser down the river, past Fort Pulaski and the Clippership port on Tybee Island, and out onto the deep swells of the blue-gray Atlantic.

“It's going to be a beautiful day,” Rashid said cheerfully as he sat in the pilot's chair, one bare leg hooked over its armrest. “And a lovely, starry night,” he added.

He was barefoot, wearing nothing but blue swim trunks and a tee-shirt with a Masterson Corporation logo on its breast. Bonai wore a sunshine yellow bikini with a gauzy, see-through, hip-length robe over it.

“Not a cloud in sight,” Rashid enthused.

Bonai was not worried about the weather. She was disappointed that Rashid hadn't taken out a sailboat, which would have been more fun than chugging along on power. At least the boat's electric motor was quiet and clean; no diesel fumes to assault her sense of smell.

The day passed uneventfully. By lunchtime they were out of sight of land. The sun set and the stars came out, as promised, different from the constellations she knew in Kiribati's skies, but just as beautiful.

There was no Moon in the night sky.

All day long Rashid's conversation had been innocuous, as if the last thing he wanted to talk about was the board meeting and Moonbase. Over dinner, though, he spoke of his long struggle to reach the top of Masterson Corporation.

“It hasn't been easy for a Moslem to move forward in corporate America, even a Moslem born and raised in Baltimore,” he said, with growing bitterness. “But I've worked harder than any of the others. When they called me Omar I let it pass. And they've called me worse, behind my back, I know. Towel-head. Camel humper.”

Tamara offered sympathetic noises as they made their way through the prepackaged veal and salad.

Dessert was figs and dates, and champagne. Tamara knew what was coming next, and almost welcomed it. Soon enough they were together in the bunk up at the boat's prow, heaving in rhythm to the ocean waves. Rashid was a well-versed lover, Bonai discovered; he made pleasure pleasurable for her as well as himself.

It was afterward, as they lay sweaty and spent with


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