Miss Independent, Volumes 1 - 4 by Kiki Leach

Miss Independent, Volumes 1 - 4 by Kiki Leach

Author:Kiki Leach
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Publisher: Kiki Leach
Published: 2016-11-22T00:00:00+00:00

Part Fourteen

Oscar was practically fuming that he hadn’t heard from Nikki after their last conversation and his slew of text messages. After the last customer had left the shop, he tried calling her again, but to no avail. He didn’t see a point in leaving a message because if she wasn’t going to answer a text, she sure as hell wasn’t going to respond to hearing his voice again. Things had changed so drastically between them since his wife had become a more frequent presence in his life, while Nikki had started seeing William on a regular basis, and he hadn’t understood just how much until now. He started wiping down the counter to get his mind off of them being together in his home, but became even more infuriated at the possible reason why she hadn’t been answering her phone. He balled the towel in his hands and chucked it across the shop as if he were aiming for third base, just barely missing his wife as she came through the door.

As the towel landed on the ground near her feet, she moved to the side of it and glared at him. “Bad night?” she asked.

He turned away and grabbed another towel from behind him. “No.”

“That’s evident by you almost taking my head off--”

“What are you doing here, Melanie? I thought you would’ve gone home after your big night out.”

“I did go home to check on the kids, then I decided to come here and see how you were doing. So far I’m beginning to wonder if the latter was a mistake.” She locked the door and tossed her purse in a chair in the corner. “Why are you in such a bad mood?” she asked him, genuinely curious.

He sighed. “The customers were slow coming in tonight and Max couldn’t get time off from his other job, so I was stuck doing everything by myself.”

“Poor baby.” She moved around to the other side of the counter and keyed open the register. “Have you checked the money yet?”

“I was getting to it before you came in.”

“Didn’t look like it.” She counted the bills while ignoring his hateful daggers.

“I take it you didn’t have a good time tonight.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because apparently you thought about us all night and now you’re here.”

“I guess that means you didn’t think about me all night,” she mumbled while holding up the cash. “Sheila and I had a lot of fun, she’s great to be around.”


“Harris. I didn’t tell you because of the connection to Nikki. Just like I won’t say anything to Vanessa just yet if she were to ask.”

“Neither of them are friends with her,” he said.

“Hence why I didn’t say anything. But as I mentioned, she’s fun to be around. At the same time, I can see why Vanessa wants nothing to do with her.”

“Why is that?”

“Because of what she did. I don’t think she’s a bad person, I think she made a mistake. I also think she has a lot of insecurities and demons she needs to work through because of her past, and even now.


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