Misery Doesn't Always Love Company by unknow

Misery Doesn't Always Love Company by unknow

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Poetry, General
ISBN: 9781441592392
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Published: 2010-01-01T07:46:49+00:00

“Some tasks just aren’t worth doing

No matter how much you get paid!”


Look at you lying there


Should I have been in your place

Should I have been the betrayer in your stead?

I would say that, at least

You’re in a happier place

But even in heaven you would

Have had to live in disgrace

I wonder how many realize that

If you did not betray

Millions of souls would probably be lost today

How painfully ironic because

Even if it is true

The label of traitor is eternally linked to you

To think, the dishonor also spills over to our names

It could have easily been “The Book of Judas”

Instead of the “Book of James”!

I’m sure Jesus isn’t angry with you

He knew what had to be done

The roll of betrayer had to be played by someone

That someone had to be you I suppose

What a horrible task for a person to be held responsible for

What a horrible task to impose

I’m sorry though, that it had to be you

Nevertheless, I’m happy to meet you

Go find peace in this darkness that never ends

I hope this will help your broken soul to mend

Another time, another place, we may have been good friends.


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