Merry Christmas, My Love by Callie Hutton

Merry Christmas, My Love by Callie Hutton

Author:Callie Hutton [Hutton, Callie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Glass Half Full
Published: 2016-12-04T06:00:00+00:00

Mitch glanced again at the sky. The snow was falling harder, and he was beginning to worry about dropping Emily off and getting back to town. If the snow started to accumulate, it would be near impossible for the horses to pull the buggy. He sighed with relief when he saw smoke coming from Emily’s Aunt Suzie’s house close by.

“I’m just going to walk her in. We won’t have time to dawdle with the snow falling as fast as it is.” Mitch helped Emily down and grabbed her satchel. Hurrying her to the door, he knocked and was grateful when Suzie answered the door right away.

“My goodness, Mitch, what are you doing here with Emily in this weather?”

“I can’t stay. I have the new teacher, Miss Cochran, in the buggy. We have to get back to town. Martha is down with influenza, and she wanted me to bring Emily here so you can take care of her until she’s feeling better.”

“Oh, of course. Come on in, honey,” the woman said, wrapping her arm around Emily. She drew the child to her. “You best be on your way. It’s getting pretty bad out there.”

Mitch nodded and strode back to the buggy, his feet slipping out from under him. This wasn’t good. They still had a good forty-minute ride back to town, and that was without the snow. It would be better if he took another route that was shorter, opposite of the Beeker farm.

“Everything all right?” Priscilla asked as he settled in alongside her.

“As right as could be. For Emily, anyway. It’s going to be a tough ride for us.” He snapped the reins and the horses took off, the buggy already sliding as he continued down the road.

Within fifteen minutes he could not see the road, and the horses were having a hard time keeping the buggy moving forward. The snow fell so hard, he wasn’t even sure he was going in the right direction. “I think we’re in trouble here.”

“I think so, too. Are we anywhere near Emily’s house? Can we stay there until the snow stops?”

He shook his head. “No. I took a different route that would be faster, but it also took us away from the Beeker farm. If I remember correctly, there’s an abandoned hunting lodge somewhere in this area. It will be hard to spot, but give it a try on your side and I’ll keep an eye out here.”

If they didn’t find the lodge they would be in a lot of trouble. People had died in these circumstances. It was hard to believe they could be so close to civilization and still freeze to death.

“I think I see something!” Priscilla pointed to the right.

He stared through the snow and blinked several times. “Yes. You’re right.” With a sigh of relief he steered the buggy toward the small cabin. He had no idea if there was wood for a fire or any food there, but at least they would be out of the snow.

The buggy slid to a stop near the cabin.


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