Matchmaking Can Be Murder by Amanda Flower

Matchmaking Can Be Murder by Amanda Flower

Author:Amanda Flower
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Kensington Books
Published: 2019-10-23T16:00:00+00:00


“Note?” Lois asked.

Darcy nodded. “About a week ago when I came in to the café—this would be about five in the morning because we open at seven for the breakfast crowd—there was a note that had been tucked under the front door. I always come through the back door, so I didn’t see it until I was unlocking the front door for the day. I read it and tucked it in my pocket. I couldn’t let myself think about it just then. I had customers to serve.” She let out a breath.

“What did the note say?” Lois asked.

I was so glad that she asked because I desperately wanted to know the answer to that question too.

“It said that Zeke was engaged to be married to an Amish woman in two weeks, and it would serve me well to stay away from him and the rest of the Amish community.” She looked as if she might start to cry again.

“Do you still have the note? Can we see it?” This time I was the one to ask.

Darcy’s eyes flitted back and forth. “I burned it.”

I knew she was lying, but I didn’t want to press her any more because I was afraid that she wouldn’t tell me the rest of the story.

“I had to know if it was true. The only clue the note gave me was that the other woman was Amish and had a greenhouse. I thought there couldn’t be too many Amish women in Harvest like that. I asked some of the Amish women who supply the produce for my café. I asked them about a greenhouse in the village. Right away they told me about Edith Hochstetler. As soon as I heard her name, I knew she was the one, but it didn’t take long to confirm because the women spoke to each other about Edith’s upcoming wedding. I asked who the lucky groom was and much to my disappointment, they gave Zeke’s name. The next day, I left Grandma at the café alone—”

“I remember,” Lois said. “I was surprised that you left me in the café even at a quiet time. We both know I can’t cook. What if someone wanted to come in and order something more than a prebaked dessert?”

Darcy looked at her grandmother. “Did anyone come in?”

“No,” Lois said. “But it could have happened.”

Darcy shook her head. “I just had to know if what I had learned about Zeke was right, and I knew the only way it would sink in for me was if I saw Edith with my own eyes. I left the café and drove to the greenhouse.” She looked me in the eye for the first time since she’d recognized me. “That’s when I saw you standing with Edith outside the greenhouse. I knew it was Edith the moment I saw her. I could see why Zeke wanted to marry her. She’s beautiful, and I could tell by her mannerisms that she’s kind and gentle. She’s everything that I am not.


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