Mary Janice Davidson-Betsy 03 by Undead & Unappreciated

Mary Janice Davidson-Betsy 03 by Undead & Unappreciated

Author:Undead & Unappreciated [Undead & Unappreciated]
Language: eng
Format: epub
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"One thing at a time," Sinclair said. Since he was having very little to say these days, I was glad to hear him piping up. "We must find her first."


He speared me with his dark gaze. Which was as uncomfortable as it sounds. "You shouldn't speak to Satan's own by yourself. Of course, I will come with you."

"Of course." I smiled at him, but he didn't smile back.

"Meeting's over," Marc told the baby monitor. "Over."

Chapter 18




"She volunteers at the church," I said. "Oh. My. God! She volunteers at the church!"

"No matter how many times you say it out loud," Sinclair said, "it still seems to be true."

We'd been shadowing a group of kids—all girls in their late teens—for the last two hours. I wasn't sure which of them was my sister—there were three blondes, two brunettes, and even a strawberry blonde in the group. They'd gone from the U (my mom had most helpfully provided Laura's class schedule, breaking about twenty school regs in the process) to an apartment house in Dinkytown, and now they had all trooped into the local Presbyterian church.

"They're like a flock," Sinclair observed.

"That's just what girls do at that age." Heck, any age. "They travel in clumps. Like hair!"


We were in Sinclair's Passat. I know, I know… the king and queen of the vampires, tooling around in a blue Passat? He was keeping the really good cars—the convertible (a Mustang ironically a convertible), the Spider, the various other pretty cars that I didn't know the names of—under wraps for the time being.

Maybe he had hauled the good ones out before to impress me, and now that he was done with the mating dance, it was Passat time.



"I'm going in," I said. I waited for him to caution me, to warn me not to be heedless, to be careful, to insist I wait until the devil's spawn was in a place he could go, too.

Instead, I got, "That seems wise. We really must find out more about this girl."

"Well, so I'll go in. Wait here for me, okay?"

"Mmmm." He was squinting at the church again; I could have started disrobing, and he probably wouldn't have looked away.

"Hey, how come the devil's kid can go in a church and you can't?"

"Ask her," he suggested.

"I think I'll work up to that one," I replied and climbed out of the Passat to cross the street.


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