Marwick's Reckoning - Gareth Spark by Near To The Knuckle

Marwick's Reckoning - Gareth Spark by Near To The Knuckle

Author:Near To The Knuckle [Knuckle, Near To The]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Near To The Knuckle
Published: 2016-03-29T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Fifteen

The street, Creu del Sud, was on the far side of La Indiana; it was the last street before the rail line divided the Urbanització from Pineda. Salvador Rus lived in an apartment on the first floor above a plumbing supply store halfway along on the left–hand side. Marwick parked the jeep at the end beneath the rail bridge. The street was dark when he killed the headlights, lit solely by a single streetlamp bracketed to the wall of a house close by. He glanced at the clock on the dashboard; it was half nine, and cold with it. Louise leaned over and kissed his cheek. 'I'm so glad you shaved.'

'Are you?' He was not really listening; there were no alleys leading from the street, no cover, and he peered through the gathered gloom as though trying to read something he could not truly see.

'It's like having the old you back.'

'The light's on,' he nodded towards the apartment.

'Dad always had the best things to say about you,' she said, 'you were like the son he never had, he could always trust you; that you only needed a little guidance. He had nothing but faith in you; he would trust you with his life.'

'And look what that got him.'


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