Manual of Museum Planning by Barry Lord & Gail Dexter Lord & Lindsay Martin

Manual of Museum Planning by Barry Lord & Gail Dexter Lord & Lindsay Martin

Author:Barry Lord & Gail Dexter Lord & Lindsay Martin [Lord, Barry]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780759121454
Publisher: AltaMira Press

Linear Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL): Color Rendering Properties: Fluorescent lamps are available in a wide variety of color temperatures and CRI values.

Light Distribution and Directionality: These lamps generate a very diffuse light and have poor directionality. Since CFLs have a smaller footprint, they are capable of producing a tighter light pattern than a linear fluorescent lamp.

Intensity Control: A dimming ballast is available for linear fluorescent lamps and must be included in the electrical specification. Many CFLs are not dimmable.

Energy Efficiency and Lamp Life: Fluorescent lamps are relatively energy-efficient and have a fairly long lamp life. CFLs are not as efficient and long-lasting as linear fluorescent lamps.

Damage Potential: The UV output varies, depending on lamp design, so UV must be tested and filtered if necessary. Higher color temperature lamps, especially "full-spectrum" lamps, have a higher damage potential than warmer color temperature lamps.


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