Manual of Museum Exhibitions by Barry Lord

Manual of Museum Exhibitions by Barry Lord

Author:Barry Lord
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780759122710
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

The general rule of borrowing power is that each museum can borrow proportionately to its ability to lend. Thus a museum with a strong permanent collection from which it is willing to lend objects to other accredited institutions usually enjoys an excellent capacity to borrow items from them. Museums with weaker collections, or exhibition centers that may not have collections at all, must strive even harder to meet the highest standards of environmental controls, security, and functionality in their nonpublic temporary exhibition support facilities as well as in their galleries in order to be approved for the loans they may need for specific exhibitions.

Temporary exhibitions are a demanding activity, sometimes requiring the attention of the museum’s entire staff, volunteers, specially engaged guest curators, and additional security. Balancing their appeal with other museum functions is a major challenge for museum directors. Hosting and originating temporary exhibitions involves personnel and contributions from all departments. Ranging from curators who research and develop topics to public programmers who create specialized events around particular themes, the operation of a temporary exhibition program revolves around the following core personnel:

An exhibitions officer/manager operates the program. Some larger museums have established entire departments to schedule and manage their temporary exhibition program.


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