Man in Black by John G. Hartness

Man in Black by John G. Hartness


Author:John G. Hartness [Hartness, John G.]
Language: dan
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Urban, Horror, Humorous, General
ISBN: 9781611947274
Google: sXu9DAAAQBAJ
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Published: 2016-08-15T05:00:00+00:00

“That narrows our list down to three potential targets, and one of them I can pretty well toss out immediately.”

“Why is that?” Paulson asked, leaning forward, palms down on the table, his normal reserve completely gone.

“This store, Perry’s, deals almost exclusively in estate and antique jewelry, so their inventory is likely to be more unique and easier to trace than the stuff in a chain shop. So now we only have to have eyes on two stores, half a mile away from each other. And that’s a lot easier.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“I’ll sit on one store and stick William outside the other one with strict orders not to engage if he sees the bad guys. Unlike Abby or Nester, he’s more inclined to stick to a plan than try to be a hero, so if the robbers try to hit the store he’s watching, I run over there and stop them. If they try to rob my store, I do the same thing, just without the running.”

“I must admit, it does make a certain amount of sense. Have you spoken to William about his part in all this?”

“I don’t have to,” I said with a smile. “William’s bugged my entire life. I don’t have to worry about needing to tell him things. It’s another of the reasons if I was going to let anyone other than me be Master of the City, it would be William, not you. No offense, he just already knows the city and the people.”

“None taken,” Paulson replied. “Frankly, if William had challenged Tiram and emerged victorious, the Council likely would have accepted his transition to Master without the need of an evaluation.”

“Thanks,” I said, my tone dry like the Sahara.

“No need to take offense,” Paulson said. “Almost all ascensions require an evaluation, and only about a third of the prospective Masters survive the test.”

“So I’m supposed to feel like I’m in good company having a walking Sword of Damocles following me around?”

“I wouldn’t have expected you to even know what that was,” Paulson admitted.

“Classic Comix, buddy. All the education a poor Clemson boy needs. Sun’s down, let’s roll.”

And that’s how I found myself on a stakeout with a vampire, who wanted to kill me, looking out for a group of invisible thieves hell-bent on stealing every piece of shiny in the greater Charlotte metro area. And to make matters worse, Paulson was in the middle of a chatty spell, so I couldn’t even use all my bad “stake” puns.


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