Man Fast by Natasha Scripture

Man Fast by Natasha Scripture

Author:Natasha Scripture [Scripture, Natasha]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781542091183
Amazon: 1721362231
Barnesnoble: 1721362231
Goodreads: 42839391
Publisher: Little A
Published: 2019-05-31T23:00:00+00:00

After everyone left, I stayed on, waiting to hear back from the WWOOF farms. I enjoyed the rugged scenery and waking up in the masseria, which was surrounded by cacti, grapevines, lemon and olive trees, and other vegetation indigenous to the area. Afternoons I’d work on the terrace in the gentle, gradually deepening sunshine broken up by gusts of sea-chilled wind. In the mornings, Chiara, who was a passionate and life-loving force of nature, would show me around the land she’d fallen in love with that was at her fingertips every day. She took me on hardy walks through blood orange groves and to the Vendicari Nature Reserve, which was dotted with rusty-rose flamingos, where milky-blue waves crashed against the rocky coastline with abandon. I was in awe of the life she had manifested. She made the whole thing look effortless, though I knew it took major guts and extreme logistical patience seeing that it was Italy, where bureaucracy is the norm. I was living my dream of having some freedom and spaciousness; she was definitely living her dream of dumping a job she’d grown out of to start her own retreat center. We had progressed from the stuck places we’d both been in when we met in Tulum, though I still had a way to go toward what I wanted, which was not entirely clear. It was a subtle but tangible feeling of moving forward, of moving through and beyond something.

When I realized just how untethered I was without a home of my own, for example, it was a bit frightening. In a way, I was grateful for my UN contract. Even though I was annoyed that I had to tote a laptop to Sicily and work when I wanted to do other things, the work not only paid me and enabled me to travel but also anchored me to something, kept me from floating away into the ether. They say that if you love what’s in your way, it will transform. I decided to look at my assignments as reminders of what had drawn me into this line of work all those years ago: the opportunity to witness the world, to experience a deep human connection, and maybe, subconsciously, to bring darkness into my world in order to have the complete human experience. Strangely, it paralleled exactly what I was going through during these months—what drove me was what I was receiving. I’d never heard myself say, “I just want to be happy.” It was always more complex than that. Even if my mind was exploring different avenues, in my heart I was still aligned with my career. Being face-to-face with grief and loss in emergency settings through my work had been transformational for me; it had helped me prepare for my own losses, and I was grateful for it. While I could not glorify all humanitarian-aid or disaster-relief work—there were plenty of valid questions around the effectiveness and sustainability of some of the more common approaches—I still


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