Lucifer's Pride by G. P. Ching

Lucifer's Pride by G. P. Ching


Author:G. P. Ching [Ching, G. P.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-940675-36-7
Publisher: Carpe Luna Publishing



Michael strode toward the Tilted Raven, twitchy and ready for a fight. A few days had passed since Ms. D had told him about Finn’s abduction, a few days that Mike had stewed over what to do next. He and Finn might have had a falling out recently, but no one hurt one of his friends, past or present, without dealing with him. He was the Healer now, their leader. He would find Finn, and they would bring him home, one way or another.

“Are you sure about this, Mike?” Jayden said. “How do you even know he’ll be with Technothrob? Lucifer could have him locked up somewhere while he plays this gig.”

“I don’t. I’m betting on the fact that the Devil won’t want to leave Finn alone. He’s too powerful. But if Wager isn’t here, we can assume Lucifer is keeping him in the cabin in the cemetery.”

“And then what?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“We should have run this one by Ms. D,” Jayden said.

“He’s got a point,” Hope said, catching up to them.

“I’m the Healer, okay? I’ve got a feeling about this. Finn is our friend. We owe this to him.”

Jayden and Hope gave each other a worried look, but they both nodded. They were in.

There was a line to get in. Mike stopped at the end of it, smiling down at a few girls who whispered and glanced in his direction. The three were grouped together like a school of miniskirt-clad fish. One, with amethyst hair and an animated tattoo of a poodle winking, gave Mike a smile and a wave.

“Have I mentioned I have a girlfriend? Her name is Jenny,” Jayden squeaked. Mike made room for him to move behind him, to where Hope was brooding. She’d never admit it, but she was worried. Word was that Damien, the redeemed fallen angel who was helping the Soulkeepers, had disappeared for days. According to the others, he’d disappeared after a particularly humiliating reaming by Hope over dinner. She’d told him to go away, and he had. Only Hope seemed less than happy about it now. Mike tried to ask her about it, but she refused to say a word.

“Mike.” She nudged past Jayden. “You’ll need this.” She tied an amulet around his wrist. “I should have given it to you a long time ago.”

“I’m not much of a jewelry person.”

“It’s Soulwort. It will shield you from Lucifer’s influence… and Juliette’s. Believe me, you’ll need it.” Her green eyes became as hard as emeralds. She was serious.

“I just became a jewelry person.”

“Smart choice.” She glanced over her shoulder. The other people in line were absorbed in their own conversations, but she stepped in closer anyway. “Remember, he’ll be able to smell you if you get too close. Soulkeepers smell like sunlight and fresh air. Try to lay low.” She pulled away.

“Wait, Hope?”


“I’m trying to lay low, but people are staring at me. Can they tell that I’m, uh, different? Did you have this happen when you were a…?”

She laughed, her eyebrows bobbing toward her hairline.


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