Leave A Trail (Signal Bend #7) by Susan Fanetti

Leave A Trail (Signal Bend #7) by Susan Fanetti

Author:Susan Fanetti [Fanetti, Susan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Literature & Fiction, Sagas, Romantic Suspense, Family Saga, Mystery & Suspense, Genre Fiction, Romance, Suspense
ISBN: 9781505254402
Google: UUq-rQEACAAJ
Amazon: B00L9CIGLS
Publisher: Susan Fanetti
Published: 2014-06-23T00:00:00+00:00


The Reverend Mortensen stood in front of the altar, with Show and Shannon and Lilli and Isaac. Lilli and Isaac each held one of the twins. The rest of the Horde and their family were arrayed in the first row, on both sides of the aisle. Most of the town nearly filled the remaining pews. Adrienne sat next to Badger, with Bo and Gia squirming between her and Cory. Loki, who’d had his first birthday a few weeks ago, was sleeping in his mother’s arms.

Show and Isaac were in good jeans and white button-down shirts, their kuttes and boots shiny-clean. Lilli wore sleek black slacks and a sleeveless light grey top in what Adrienne thought was raw silk. Shannon wore a pretty green dress, a little on the loose side. She’d always been voluptuously curvy, like Marilyn Monroe or something, and had always dressed to accentuate what she had, but she was bigger since the babies and self-conscious about it in a way she’d never been before.

Adrienne didn’t think she had anything to worry about. Not only had she just had twins, for Pete’s sake, but Show obviously loved her body. He couldn’t keep his hands off her since the babies, even more than usual—which was saying something. Those two had always been embarrassing with the PDA. Leaning toward gross, sometimes.

The baptism was almost over. The twins, in their pretty, white satin outfits, had been sprinkled, and everybody had said their various vows. Isaac and Lilli didn’t strike Adrienne as particularly religious people, and Adrienne knew that Show and Shannon weren’t, not overtly. But Show had been raised in this church. It was the only church in town, and Adrienne had been here long enough to know it was an important place. If the Horde was the heart of Signal Bend, then St. John’s Methodist Church was its soul.

She also knew that Show wanted this ritual because it would have made his mother happy.

Adrienne herself had not been raised with any religion at all. Her family had been completely secular, and she found it impossible to get her mind to work in a way that would make room for something like faith in a higher power. She quite simply did not believe there was such a thing, but she was fascinated by the power of faith and the way, for some believers, it governed everything about their lives, and, for others, it seemed to be a passive thing, with no real impact on the way the lived, but an uplifting set of rituals and expectations. Not unlike the way her family had started every dinner each sharing one thing they’d learned that day—which was, she supposed, a kind of grace.

She’d been to different churches a few times with friends, something her parents had supported as opportunities to learn about other ways of thinking. Going to church had always been very like a trip to a museum—a tiny slice of experience with an exotic culture. Adrienne was captivated by the rituals of faith.


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