Kiss and Make Up by Madeleine Labitan

Kiss and Make Up by Madeleine Labitan

Author:Madeleine Labitan
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2018-06-11T04:00:00+00:00


I stare at the letters and numbers on the page but they’re not making any sense. Not to me, anyway.

But then I’ve never been great at Math in the first place. The highest grade I ever got on it was a B plus. And it was only because Adam patiently tutored me for weeks.

You’d think I have no business tutoring kids, but seriously, high school Math is very different compared to preschool and grade school Math. It’s way difficult, too. The kids definitely don’t have to worry about derivatives and quadratic functions at their young age.

Damn Calculus.

Reaching for the water bottle on the table, I glance around me. Instead of being inside the cafeteria enjoying my lunch, I’m out in the quad studying for a test later. The library is the most suitable place for studying, I know.

But I like it here. I love sitting under the shade of the tree and feel fresh air on my face. It’s relaxing.

Besides, only a few students come out here during lunch. So I’m still able to focus on what needs to be done without getting distracted by unnecessary noise. Well, Math is clearly the exception—but you get the point.

My only gripe is that I didn’t have the time to grab something from the cafeteria. Good thing Lexi gave me her crackers, since she always has an extra pack. But no doubt I’ll still be starved by the end of last period.

Sighing, I stare at my Calculus book. And stare at it some more.

“Hey. Lexi said I’d find you here.”

I look up to see Adam sitting across the table.

“Of course she—” I blink at the tray of food he slides toward me. “You brought me lunch?”

He shrugs. “I figured you haven’t had time to grab one.”

My stomach growls, as if to respond. “You’re a lifesaver.” Giving him a sheepish smile, I grab the burger and devour it like it came from the best diner in town. He even included soda and chips. Sweet!

But why are there two burgers and two sodas? Even the chips seem to be a double serving. Did he think one meal is not enough for me?

Adam clears his throat to hide an amused smile. “So, Lexi also told me you’re struggling with Calculus.”

I swallow the food in my mouth before answering. “It’s Math.”

He pushes his glasses up his nose. “Then I’m your guy.”

“Aren’t you going to eat lunch?”

“That’s why I bought two burgers.” He winks.


Here I thought he brought them all for me. This is what Math does to me. It makes me dumb.

“Now what do you need help with?”

Am I really doing this? Am I really going to ask for his help on this? I’m supposed to keep a little distance between us. As it is, I’m already in danger of getting sucked back by him.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m struggling, of course I’ll ask for his help. I have to take what I can get.

“Well, for starters, I need help with this equation.” I point to the said equation in the book.


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