Keeper of Genesis by Graham Hancock

Keeper of Genesis by Graham Hancock

Author:Graham Hancock [Hancock, Graham]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-07-05T18:30:00+00:00

49. Artist’s impression of the ‘cosmic’ Great Pyramid superimposing the star Sirius over the position of the ‘gate’ in the Sirius star-shaft.

Was the Horus-King, then, somehow meant to find his way under and into the Great Pyramid and thence to its upper chambers with their star-shafts?

And what might really be the significance of Rudolf Gantenbrink’s recent discovery, which we have considered at length in Part II, of a mysterious ‘gate’ or ‘doorway’ deep inside one of those shafts—the very shaft that targeted the meridian-transit of Sirius in the Pyramid Age?

Last but not least, is it a coincidence that the ancient Egyptian word sba, ‘star’, also carries the meanings ‘gate’, ‘folding door’ and ‘great door of heaven’?[469]

Again, these are matters on which we shall have to postpone further conjecture until Part IV. Meanwhile let us return to the quest to unite sky and ground—thus winning the Grail of immortality—in which all the Horus-Kings of ancient Egypt participated.


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