In the Afterlight (The Darkest Minds series) by Alexandra Bracken

In the Afterlight (The Darkest Minds series) by Alexandra Bracken

Author:Alexandra Bracken [Bracken, Alexandra]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Published: 2014-10-28T00:00:00+00:00

AFTER LEAVING NICO TO HIS WORK, I headed to the upper level, barely keeping a lid on the fury ripping through me. It didn’t matter, not even for a second, that Senator Cruz was in Alban’s old office with Cole and they were having a serious, quiet discussion. I let myself explode into the room.

Senator Cruz leapt to her feet and pressed a hand to her chest. Cole only leaned back in his seat.

“He told you,” Cole said, his voice flat.

“Yes, he told me!” I snapped. “How could you authorize—”

“Shut the door—Ruby!” Cole slammed a hand down on the desk, cutting off my tirade before it could even really begin. The way his voice immediately softened, the pained quality of it, brought me up short. “Shut the door.”

I kicked it shut behind me, crossing my arms over my chest.

“It is a death sentence to send that kid into Thurmond,” I told him. “He won’t be able to handle it, and even if he could, who’s to say they’ll take him to the camp and not back into Leda’s testing program?”

“The one he was in was closed shortly after I got the flash drive out,” Cole said.

“Like there aren’t others?” I said.

“You were fine with sending Tommy and Pat into Oasis,” Senator Cruz reminded me. She knew about this, too.

“I’m not fine with it. I don’t like it. But they’re functioning as eyes and ears only, and we’ll have them out within two days. Nico won’t be able to get away to install the program, and even if by some miracle he does, he won’t be able to get away from the Control Tower once it’s complete.”

“Then, what do you suggest?” Cole asked. “Really, I’m all ears.”

I thought of Zu’s reaction to Vida and Chubs leaving, the pale shock that had wrapped its icy hands over her. If Nico was right, and this was the only way, then it...I took a deep breath in, my fingers curling into fists. Wouldn’t it have to be me? Nico was too fragile right now. Being back there would destroy him. But I could—if it helped the people I loved, if it helped every kid that came after us—I could accept that it was the role I was meant to play in this.

They’ll kill you, I thought. Clancy had already confirmed what they had done to the other Oranges. You would have to convince them again—make them think you’re Green. I shook my head, trying to clear the thoughts. Last resort. This was a last resort plan.

“I think we need to consider Liam’s ideas,” I said. “Maybe we should go more indirect. Use the media. Get the parents involved. If we take Gray’s image down, shake up that last bit of trust people have in him, we can dismantle his government that way. The international community can’t ignore evidence of abuse and wrongdoing for long. They’ll step in—”

“Sweetheart, they’ve been ignoring evidence for years,” Senator Cruz said. “They tried to drop aid into the country and it backfired.


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