In Development by Rachel Spangler

In Development by Rachel Spangler

Author:Rachel Spangler [Rachel Spangler]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Brisk Press
Published: 2018-04-30T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Six

Two questions cycled repeatedly through her mind as she stood over the beautiful sleeping body curled up so serenely in her bed. The first was what the hell did we do, and the second was when can we do it again? There probably should have been a third, something along the lines of how can we undo this or what the hell can I do to mitigate this disaster, but Lila was too stunning in the early morning light to allow the darkness of regret to take hold. Cobie surrendered to her own reckless will one more time and kissed her lightly on the temple.

Lila’s eyelids fluttered at the contact but didn’t open, and Cobie didn’t know if she should be relieved or disappointed. She would have liked to have seen those baby blues fixed on her as they blinked away a night of contented sleep, but then again, she worried how they might shift as Lila realized she’d woken in Cobie’s bed. Would she be grateful? Happy? Dreamy? Or would she distance herself? Perhaps she’d lash out or, worse, accuse Cobie of misreading or even taking advantage of the situation. She’d never know, at least not about Lila’s initial reaction. By the time she got back from her meeting, the moment would have passed, and she didn’t doubt she’d come back to find Lila fully dressed, fully poised, and in full defense mode.

She straightened up and quickly left the room before she freaked out at the prospect of Lila turning on her. She’d have to have her mini-meltdown on the way to work.

Malik waited for her in the front entryway, and a surge of guilt shot through her. Why? Because she’d slept with his friend? Because he didn’t know? Or maybe he did, because Malik seemed to know a lot more than he ever said aloud. Did he judge her? Had he seen this happen before? Had he hoped for better? Probably not. She was likely pinning her own emotions on him because doing so was easier to deal with than turning the mirror on herself.

“Ready?” He finally asked as he held out a stainless steel go-cup, which from the smell held a strong serving of coffee.

She nodded. “Thank you.”

He didn’t speak any more as he led her out the door. There were no paparazzi as they got into the car this morning. Perhaps her staying there had become old news after only two days, or more likely, they didn’t expect anyone to be up so early. Funny how her going to get bagels the day before had been downright scandalous, but sneaking out on the sleeping star in her bed didn’t attract any attention. That was probably a good metaphor for her and Lila’s entire relationship. Everything that tantalized the public interest was safe, and every mundane moment carried an underlying current of danger. Every scripted encounter dripping with sexual innuendo left her distant and disconnected, while a quiet evening off the clock ended with them having sex.


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