Ian Rankin & Inspector Rebus by Craig Cabell

Ian Rankin & Inspector Rebus by Craig Cabell

Author:Craig Cabell [Cabell, Craig]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Biography, Literary, Crime Fiction
ISBN: 9781843584384
Publisher: John Blake Publishing
Published: 2011-02-06T18:30:00+00:00

‘Putting together a misfit team from the Lothian and Borders finest, Rebus takes the unpromising historical material and runs with it, leaving DC Siobhan Clarke to take her chances with the virtual Quizmaster. She’s young enough to know how to navigate the net, but is she old enough and wise enough to pick up the clues in such a complex case?’

The above is dustwrapper blurb for The Falls but it does encapsulate what was going on with the characters in the story. Suddenly Rebus wasn’t solving cases single-handedly. Rebus was being overtaken by events. New toys and new blood were coming in and suddenly he experiences more of an uphill struggle when completing his day-to-day inquiries and – this is another reason why The Falls is such a milestone novel in the series – it is the first book where Rebus begins to show his age.

In 2001, Rankin told me: ‘The police have HOLMES, which is the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System. It is a software tool and, when there is a huge inquiry going on, it can find links between somebody who was interviewed six months ago and somebody who was interviewed last week about the same thing. So the system finds links between things you might miss.’62

So age suddenly becomes an issue and consequently this is where Rankin spiritually moves even further away from Rebus and begins to identify more with Siobhan. This isn’t really something new. We should have seen it coming in Mortal Causes:


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