I Alone Level-Up, Anthology by Chugong

I Alone Level-Up, Anthology by Chugong

Author:Chugong [Chugong]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

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Chapter 142: Chapter 142



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The last restriction was finally undone.

Finally gaining the freedom of movement, the 'owner of the dungeon' left the boss chamber and strode outside the Gate. It was the Chieftain of the Orcs, 'Guroktaru'.

Its entire body was covered in black tattoos, seemingly not leaving behind even a single patch of empty skin.

Tattoos signified victory to Orcs. These were proof of how many battles this creature fought and how many enemies it had slain so far.



The Orcs waiting for the Chieftain in front of the Gate chanted out its name and lowered their heads.

On the other hand, Guroktaru raised its head towards the ceiling without saying anything.


Because, it was getting rather noisy up there.

It had been some time since the advanced scouts took away a few of the warriors while declaring that they would conquer this castle of humans.

However, they still hadn't ended their battle yet?

A sweating Orc received the furious glare of its Chieftain and hurriedly explained the situation.

"High Orc warriors are aiding humans."

"High Orcs?"

Indeed, High Orc warriors were strong. Regular Orc warriors wouldn't be able to fight against them. Meaning, it was now time for the Chieftain to step up.

"How many?"


Even if their opponents were strong, what a shameful notion it was for dozens of great Orc warriors to fail at subduing only three High Orcs.


Guroktaru's expression crumpled.

The Orcs were scared stiff from the Chieftain's anger and began trembling like leaves. It was then, the Orc great warriors that had been left behind by Guroktaru's speed, finally emerged out of the Gate one by one.

There were a total of five out-of-breath Orc great warriors.

Confirming that all of its guards had escaped from the Gate now, Guroktaru gestured at the Orc making that report with its chin.

"Lead the way."

The Orc lowered its head and stood at the front. The Chieftain and its guards strode right behind. Meanwhile, lights of madness were burning furiously within Guroktaru's eyes.

'Insolent b*stards....'

It was now time to demand appropriate compensation from the High Orcs, who dare to interrupt the hunting of the Orc warriors.

Suddenly finding himself left behind along with ant monsters, Park Jong-Su was feeling rather dumbstruck at the moment.


"Leave me for a bit, okay? I need time to think."


Keeck, keeck...


Being surrounded by over twenty of these monsters, no, 'summons', Park Jong-Su was getting this close to abandoning this raid altogether.

Not only that....

Well, this guy over there. This one guy, with a far bigger physique and with wings on its back. Wasn't that guy the same mutated ant monster that made an utter mockery out of the rank S Hunters?

This guy's horrifying level of magic energy was making Park Jong-Su's skin crawl just by being near the dang thing.

'If I think about a creature like this turning on us.....'

He suddenly thought that the rank S Hunters willing to fight against this thing were a rather amazing bunch of folks, instead. And, at the same time...

'Hold on a sec....'

...And, at the same time, a certain suspicion bloomed in his head.


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