Hustle and Heart by Kailyn Lowry

Hustle and Heart by Kailyn Lowry

Author:Kailyn Lowry [Lowry, Kailyn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Published: 2016-09-12T16:00:00+00:00


Love is such a powerful word. Just count how many times I use it in this book. There are some relationships in which we use the word habitually, without even really thinking about what it actually means or pausing to feel the genuine emotion behind it as it passes through our lips. There are other times when the word “love” is used as a powerful tool of manipulation. Someone might be thinking of walking out the door, but the moment their romantic partner utters the word “love,” they think twice about leaving the scene. They come back.

I’m not a total pessimist, contrary to popular belief. Of course there are those moments when the word “love,” in reference to romantic relationships, absolutely holds value and means everything we are told it is supposed to. Passion, intimacy, tenderness and so much more.

What love is not meant to be is a tool to hold you in place, or a set of pressures and expectations designed to keep you in the position society says you should be in.

Love should not make you complacent. It should not make you question yourself. True love should lift you up and make you feel free to explore the world’s truths on your own terms.

The person who loves you should always have your back and your best interests at heart. They should do everything in their power to make you feel confident. The perfect relationship is built on unwavering trust and everything should be a positive two-way street.

But that’s the so-called perfect relationship, and sure, many of us have experienced the magic of that ideal at some point. In general, however, there are ebbs and flows when it comes to relationships and super intense emotions that inevitably come along with them. Even good love isn’t a hundred percent inspiring a hundred percent of the time. It’s a challenge to recognize when that percentage is at a normal level versus when it has dipped too low.

One day you may be smitten kittens, and your partner might not be able to keep their hands off of you. This is usually around this same time during the relationship that you can’t help but greet him or her at the door looking fab as hell, eagerly waiting for the next moment when you can be wrapped in their arms. A few months later you might be snuggled up on the couch together in sweats, eating too much pizza and arguing over what to watch on Netflix.

There’s so much love in both of these scenarios, as long as both people feel they’re being respected and they’re not giving up some part of themselves to be there.

But let’s flip it and reverse it. Maybe you don’t feel so keen on greeting your boo at the door, and he or she isn’t even inclined to give you so much as a hug. After a long day at work, you might be lucky to get a neutral grunt and a quick hug-and-pat before your partner collapses in exhaustion.


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