House of Robots: Robot Revolution by unknow

House of Robots: Robot Revolution by unknow

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Juvenile Fiction / Robots, Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories, Juvenile Fiction / Family / Siblings, Juvenile Fiction / Social Issues / Adolescence
ISBN: 9780316349581
Amazon: 0316349585
Publisher: jimmy patterson
Published: 2017-01-14T16:00:00+00:00

That morning in Mrs. Kunkel’s class, right after everybody, including Trip, is finished laughing at me, my family, and our autonomous automobile (which, if you ask me, needs an Auto Correct button), I get another lousy grade to add to my collection.

It’s a sixty-nine on a pop quiz we took the other day. That’s not as bad as my fifty-two on the Spanish homework. In fact, I think a sixty-nine is a D. Maybe a D plus.

But the pop quiz was in science. Science used to be my best subject. And not because Mom helps me with my homework! I just like science. Well, I used to. Lately? Not so much. Maybe because science is what’s keeping my mother holed up in her workshop instead of being a mother. To me, at least.

“Well done, Randolph,” Mrs. Kunkel says when she hands R.R.R. his test. “No one else scored a one hundred and three!”

One hundred and three? How is that even possible?

Reich looks pretty happy with himself. “I suppose no one else decided to elucidate on how a condenser can change water vapor into a liquid?”

“No. They just knew that condensation is what makes the mirror fog up when you take a hot shower on a cold day. Except Sammy. He said that was caused by ‘low-lying clouds.’”

Yep. That’s what I wrote. I was having an off day.


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