Host of the Unforgiven: An Irish Horror Story by G.D. Sheehen

Host of the Unforgiven: An Irish Horror Story by G.D. Sheehen

Author:G.D. Sheehen [Sheehen, G.D.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-09-17T16:00:00+00:00


One of the last days of summer and Philip searches everywhere for Rodge. He doesn’t find him on the farm nor in any of the usual hangouts around the village. A dread fills him as he heads for the cliff. It’s now a place to be feared and not the place of childhood memories where he and Rodge spent countless afternoons playing and daydreaming.

The sea is rough and fast moving clouds cover the sky above. Walking along the cliff road he can see the waves climb higher against the cliff wall as if trying to escape a horror scene below.

He enters the laneway leading to their cove and walks down to the beach where he and Rodge skim stones. The beach is full of ancient demonic symbols made out of sticks and seaweed, laid out on the sand like offerings to a distant and vengeful god.

Some of the designs resemble animal heads whilst others look like Celtic symbols. Nothing offers a clue as to why they are there.

He walks to the water’s edge and hops back when he sees a red blood-like residue get washed up as the waves break on the sand.

A girl’s scream fills the cove with pain and he looks back to see a girl in a white dress standing on the cliff’s edge ready to jump. He can’t see her face as the rising wind blows her blond hair across it.

He runs back up the beach and makes his way along the inclined path leading up the cliff. A magnetic force pulls him back and he has to use all his might to push on. Hands burst out from the mud walls on either side of him and try to grab him as he moves forward. The ground he stands on becomes quicksand and pulls him under but he struggles on with all his might.

He finally reaches the end of the path and comes into view of the cliff edge. The girl is now accompanied by a boy who pleads with her to step back. Philip shouts out to Rodge but no sound will come from his efforts. He starts running but is soon bowled over by a thick moving cloud that bears the faces of everyone he’s ever known, people from his childhood and people from his days on the streets and in prison.

The Sluagh darts towards Rodge and the girl and consumes them in its thickness. Philip tries to reach them and pull his friend out, but the cloud evaporates into nothingness and the day suddenly becomes calm and quiet.


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