Hope's Promise by G. P. Ching

Hope's Promise by G. P. Ching


Author:G. P. Ching [Ching, G.P.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-940675-34-3
Publisher: Carpe Luna Publishing



Finn checked the lock on the door to his room and took a seat at the small desk under the window. Everything on the bus was small, including the bed, which was half the size of the one he slept in at home. But the important thing was, it was private. He wasn’t ready to share what he’d learned about Theodor. If Hope or Ms. D knew, there was no telling what they’d do. He couldn’t risk it. He needed his mentor, now more than ever.

Although he respected Hope, he didn’t think she would understand the relationship he had with Theodor. Magic was part of his Soulkeeper power, good or bad. He needed guidance on how to use it. He pulled the tarot cards from his pocket and laid them on the desk. There was a flicker of light, and Theodor appeared across from him, almost as if there was a mirror on the wall, reflecting his own image but with Theodor in the chair where he was sitting.

“Finn! Thank God you are all right. What happened to Michael? My skin has been prickling for days.” Theodor’s image was more worn than before. His face looked sunburned on one side, and the right cuff of his dark suit was frayed at the edges.

“Lucifer took him. And Wendy too.”

“Tell me everything.”

Finn did. He left nothing out, perhaps lending too much detail to the terror on Wendy’s face before her soul was wrenched from her body. He described Lucifer’s weakness following the spell too, the injury that seemed to remain from his fight with Hope and how Kirsa had to help him up afterward. Theodor looked nauseous when he heard that Ravenguard and Applegate were raised from the dead, and when Finn told him about opening a portal to rescue Mike and Wendy’s bodies, he went absolutely still.

“That was a stupid thing to do, Finn. Did you not learn anything from our experience under the school? Had Lucifer or one of the others been strong enough, he could have followed you through and slaughtered you all.”

“I closed the portal behind me—”

“Hardly foolproof.”

“What choice did I have? I couldn’t fly them out of there.”

“No.” He straightened. “Lucifer exchanged their souls for ones in Hell. I wonder…” He looked over his shoulder.

“What? They couldn’t be where you are, could they?”

“No. No. I am not in Hell.” He threaded his fingers together. “But I am closer to Hell than you are. I can try a few things. Only so much without my cards.”

“I understand. And thank you.”

“Where are you now?”

“On the road. Our first mission was last night.” Finn sighed heavily.

“You faced your first demon? How did that go?”

“Fine. I wasn’t actually the one who killed it, to be honest. There’s a new Soulkeeper.”


“His name is Liam Turner.” Finn couldn’t mask his acerbic tone. “He showed up out of nowhere and saved the day.” With careful accuracy, Finn filled in the details of the demon’s surprising tentacles and how they’d almost gotten the best of them.


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