His Holiday Bride by Elaine Overton

His Holiday Bride by Elaine Overton

Author:Elaine Overton
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2007-06-11T16:00:00+00:00

At eleven fifty-nine Paul knocked on the guest room door. “Amber, are you ready?”

Amber sat on the side of the bed glaring at the door. Punctual bastard. “Here I come,” she called back.

She stood and smoothed out the bedspread, taking her time to make sure the lines were straight. She took one final look around the room, hoping to find something out of place, anything that would delay taking those final few steps to reach the door.

Everything was just as it should be. She picked up the group of shopping bags piled on a chair. Those she’d arrived with, and the ones she obtained when Paul took her shopping. It was all she had. After all, she’d only been here four days.

Four days…How could anyone’s life change so much in four days?

She shook her head. Stalling was nothing but self-inflicted torture. Best to get it over with, and get on with her life. She crossed the room and opened the door.

“Ready?” he asked, his chiseled jaw set in a hard line. But even that could not take away from his overall handsomeness. The man truly was beautiful.

She nodded, and he stepped aside for her. As she moved down the hall toward the stairs, Amber felt like a condemned man being led to the gas chamber. Only, she was not exactly sure of her crime.

She could’ve believed that he was angry about what happened to Joachim while he was making love to her. Lord knows, she had enough guilt about that herself. But somehow she knew that was not all there was to it.

Actually, it started with that frown he gave her before he went upstairs. But what inspired it? As she recalled, at the precise moment he frowned at her, she was feeling good—no, she was feeling great! And even though he had not shared in the experience, anger seemed a bit extreme.

She slipped on the stair, and his hand shot out and caught her. “Watch your step,” he said, close to her ear. Very close. So close in fact, his soft breath tickled the hairs on the back of her neck.

She glanced over her shoulder with a confused expression.

“Where’s Joachim?” she asked when they were halfway down the stairs.

“I left him in his playpen before I came up to get you.”

“Were you expecting a fight?” she asked with a snicker. “Leaving both hands free just in case?”

He didn’t say anything in response.

Because she was feeling her own share of anger and disappointment, Amber decided it was time for him to experience a little of the famous Lockhart stubbornness. She stopped on the step and braced herself as Paul ran into the back of her.

“Why did you stop?”

She glanced over her shoulder. “I asked you a question. Did you think I would put up a fight?”

His dark eyes hardened. “Why would you? I’m sure you’ll find someone to fill your bed soon enough. A man who’ll accept what you give him and ask for nothing more. A man who will use your body and care nothing for your heart.


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