Her Ways Are Death by Jack Mann

Her Ways Are Death by Jack Mann

Author:Jack Mann [Mann, Jack]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Detective, Fiction
Publisher: Bookfinger
Published: 1981-03-15T00:00:00+00:00

that man did. It was in Stephen’s time.

My people held to Queen Maud.”

“How do you know so much?” he asked abruptly.

“I know very little,” she answered, after a brief pause. “My father taught me most of it—he was a very wise man. And he sent me to Tours for a year—the year my mother died. And there are books, English and French. When my work is finished I shall go out from this place, live differently. Practise all I

have learned in theory.”

“Your work?” he asked.

She leaned still closer to him, and pointed toward the Hall. “It is there,” she said. “You know.

Like you, I want him to see us in apparent intimacy, to fear me still more. Part of my work.”

“Of your hate, say,” he suggested, and smiled—with her head almost under his as she stood, she could not see the smile. “And there’s Troyarbour down under us, quite probably seeing us and drawing its own conclusions. If you go ghosting to-night as you did when I was here before, you may hear mighty judgments on yourself—on us.”

She laughed softly—just such a laugh as he had heard in the bar-room of The Three Thorns.

Then, standing away from him, she pushed the night-dark hair back from her temple, and he saw a patch of discolouration—a bruise, evidently, on the whiteness of the skin.

“You see?” she asked. “It is not painful now, but it was at first. A proof of how little control I have. I

stepped out, along that fourth line, just as I did the night you were here. And thought to step back into my own room—the one you have seen—but in actual fact came back between Ephraim and another man.

Pushed them apart from each other as they were walking home, and so got this bruise.

And”—again she laughed, softly and long—“each of them thought the other had done it. They were going to fight—it was so funny that I couldn’t help laughing aloud, and that frightened them so much they simply fled to their homes. It was night, you see. And in that fourth direction there is no night, no darkness, because one does not see with the physical eye.”

“One does not see—” He repeated it incredulously.

“I told you why you still wanted to hold my arm, up here,” she explained. “I knew, last night, you were determined not to come near me, and blinded you as if you were in a fog, and turned you back—and then let you go. It is all quite simple—one sees in a different way. I could only explain it fully if you were able to comprehend that fourth direction of movement—but then I should not have to explain.

You would know as I know. I might show you, teach you—”

“Control of this fourth dimension?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I have not yet got control of it,” she answered. “Give you comprehension of it,

say, such as I have myself. I think, with your greater knowledge, you could get control, and perhaps in turn teach me.


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