Heart Of The Tiger by William Forstchen

Heart Of The Tiger by William Forstchen

Author:William Forstchen [Forstchen, William]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-03-14T00:00:00+00:00

more will die if they unleash their pandemic again? Look Blair, our intel people are telling us the Empire is tottering on the edge of civil war. The various clans are fed up, especially after the failure of the attack on Earth.

That’s why they didn’t immediately launch a second attack when we had nothing left to stop them. The Emperor had to regroup—build back his fleet and keep enough forces close at home to counteract any threatened coups. It’s given us the breathing room to get our new weapons on-line. If we wait any longer, though, the Kilrathi might be the ones to strike first and then its us that are finished.”

Blair shook his head. “The end justifies the means? That wasn’t what they taught back at the Academy. I thought the Confederation stood for something better than that.”

Tolwyn looked away. “Yeah

yeah, you’re right. It does.” He paused.

“Well, anyway, we’re hoping we don’t have to actually attack Kilrah. That was the deciding factor when it came down to choosing Behemoth over the Covert Ops concept. Apparently whatever they’ve hatched is a one-shot deal. But Behemoth is a weapon that can be used several times, and the idea is to try a few very public tests on Kilrathi military bases. Let the cats draw their own conclusions about what we could do to Kilrah with the same weaponry. That’s the operational plan, at least. Our hope is a good demonstration might actually push the clans into a palace coup. The

Emperor and his grandson are overthrown and the other clans sue for peace.”

“I guess that’s better than blasting Kilrah out of existence,” Blair said.

“I mean, the Empire’s the enemy and we have to do whatever it takes to win. But there are a lot of innocent Kilrathi out there who have nothing to do with the Emperor or Thrakhath or the whole damned war effort. Some of them are dissidents, like Hobbes was before he defected. I wouldn’t want to be party to killing them all.”

“Well, we’ll hope it doesn’t come to that,” Eisen said. “I agree, it would be a nasty choice to have to make. But if we can convince them we mean business

“So what’s our part in all of this?” Blair asked.

“Right now, we’re still putting the finishing touches on the weapon,”

Tolwyn said. “It won’t be ready to deploy for a few more weeks. But in the meantime, we’re starting to prospect the sector for a likely-looking first


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