Head of Drama by Sydney Newman

Head of Drama by Sydney Newman

Author:Sydney Newman
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: ECW Press
Published: 2017-09-05T04:00:00+00:00

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51 Fighting Words was a popular panel quiz show which ran from 1952-62 on CBC, where panelists had to identify people who wrote or said a particular quotation. The rotating panel often included Canadian literary legends such as Morley Callaghan and Irving Layton. The series defied cancellation multiple times because of its popularity with the Canadian public.

52 Sinclair’s column, which appeared in the Toronto Daily Star on January 13, 1955, said, “How come so many U.S. yarns and scripts are on CBC drama? . . . When do we see the work of Canadian writers on their own Canadian TV screens? Seldom. Too seldom.” Sinclair listed a number of Canadian writers — many of them friends and colleagues of Newman, including Len Peterson, Lister Sinclair, Nathan Cohen and George Salvarson — and asked why their work wasn’t on TV before sticking the knife into Newman. “Could it be that supervising producer Sydney Newman has too much authority and too little Canadianism? Is this man, nice guy that he is, a Caesar who can accept or reject without argument?”


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