Head Hunters: Danny Black Thriller 6 by Chris Ryan

Head Hunters: Danny Black Thriller 6 by Chris Ryan

Author:Chris Ryan [Ryan, Chris]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Published: 2018-09-05T23:00:00+00:00

Danny had been running on adrenaline. Now that he had a moment to rest, alone with the delirious Afghan woman, his exhaustion and hunger caught up with him. His gun wound was pulsating and a cold pain crept down his arm and across his torso. Caitlin had returned to her compound to get some supplies. Danny had positioned himself in a seated position, his back to the wall facing the entrance. He kept his stolen handgun by his side, gripping it with his good hand. The delirious woman presented no real threat, but he couldn’t be sure, despite Caitlin’s reassurances, that an unexpected guest wouldn’t arrive. He felt almost naked with only a single clip of ammo, but it was what it was. He did what he could to stay awake and alert.

Without success. He was woken by Caitlin gently shaking his good shoulder. He started and felt for his gun, but Caitlin had moved it away. ‘Let’s not have a negligent discharge when I’m in the line of fire, eh?’ she said.

Danny cursed himself for falling asleep. He felt worse for it, not better. ‘How long—’ he started to say.

‘Relax. Twenty minutes, max. Here, get this down you.’ Caitlin ripped open a foil-packed MRE. Danny wolfed down the cold sludge straight from the packet, then gulped down a canteen full of water, which had the faintly chlorinated taste of purification tablets. He felt his body soaking up the liquid. ‘Okay, Rambo,’ Caitlin said. ‘Let’s have a look at that wound.’

Danny removed his stolen camo jacket and winced as Caitlin peeled off the dirty dressing covering the wound. ‘Okay,’ she said calmly. ‘They’ve closed it up pretty good. I’m just going to give it a clean, then we’ll pad it up again.’

She worked efficiently, filling a syringe from a sealed pack of sterile water and using that to flood the wound, before cleaning the area with antibacterial gauze and applying a fresh dressing. It hurt, but Danny waited until she was done before necking another couple of painkillers.

‘Okay, fella,’ Caitlin said. ‘You need to get some shut-eye.’

‘No way,’ Danny said. ‘Someone’s got to keep stag—’

As he spoke, Caitlin removed a Sig 9mm. ‘You’re telling me I’m not up to the gig?’

Danny smiled. ‘No,’ he said. ‘Nothing like.’

‘You’ve got about five hours,’ she said. ‘Then we move on the Imam.’

‘Roger that,’ Danny said.

He lay down on the hard floor. Almost immediately, he was asleep.


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