Harriet Blue 01 - Never Never by James Patterson & Candice Fox

Harriet Blue 01 - Never Never by James Patterson & Candice Fox

Author:James Patterson & Candice Fox [Patterson, James & Fox, Candice]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Amazon: 0316433179
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 61

MY FISTS HIT the bag in the rec room with a satisfying whap, the impact sending shockwaves up my forearms, towards my shoulders, through my chest. I twisted and gave the bag a couple of deep hooks to the side, bounced back and punched my imaginary foe’s face square-on. It was pretty easy to lose myself in the workout. I had plenty of sparring partners to imagine. I was knocking Nigel upside the head for arresting my brother. I was giving Linebacker a sucker punch to the gut for chastising me like a child. I was slamming my fist into Burns’s kidneys, imagining the man doubling over, sinking to the mat as the pain ripped through him.

When I turned around, three miners were hanging in the doorway to the rec room, staring at me. I spat on the floor and reached for my water bottle.

‘Want to take a picture?’ I snapped.

The men disappeared.

As I walked back to my donga I spotted Shamma and another EarthSoldier girl by the fence line, hidden from view behind a huge forklift. They were crouching, using binoculars to look across the ground between the machine’s tyres towards the transport yard. I followed their line of sight, but couldn’t see anything. When I popped out from behind one of the forklift’s huge tyres, both girls yelped in surprise.


‘Holy crap, you scared the shit out of us,’ Shamma said. ‘What happened to your head?’

‘I got a bonk on the brain from our suspect,’ I said, feeling the stitches. ‘None of your people were on the camp last night, were they?’

The girls looked at each other. Shamma opened her mouth to speak, and her friend cut her off.

‘Ocean says we’re not to assist in the investigation,’ she said.


‘We’ve got to go.’ She pulled at Shamma. The purple-haired girl stood fast, staring at her sandals in the dirt.

‘Whoever it was, they killed Danny,’ Shamma murmured.

‘Were you and Danny a couple?’ I asked.

‘Shamma, we gotta go.’ The friend was backing off.

‘Sort of,’ Shamma said, her eyes finding mine. She clung to the diamond wire between us, and when she finally spoke, her words were low and fast.

‘Ocean and a couple of the guys were out looping last night,’ she said. ‘They also have stuff on the camera system. You know, for the blog? Stuff that might help. But I don’t know if they’ll give it to you. They think you’re after them.’


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