Flynn's Log 1 by Stone Marshall

Flynn's Log 1 by Stone Marshall

Author:Stone Marshall
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Stone Marshall Publishing
Published: 2015-12-20T05:00:00+00:00


A Promise to Keep

I MAKE MY WAY TO MY SMALL HOME and unload my massive collection of resources in a storage crate. I've expanded the crate to contain my growing inventory of goods.

My plan was to annihilate the entire species of pixelators. The thought seems foolish now. Digital creatures with no souls, no real intelligence, are programmed to respawn as fast as I can kill them. The act of even trying to wipe them all out is futile. I understand that now. It's clear to me that my anger, the anger I felt after Verve's death, is misplaced on pixelators.

How can I have anger toward something so clearly artificial? The danger is not artificial. No. The danger is very real. But the intention of angry creatures is innate to their very essence. They are killers. There is nothing personal about it. They live to kill characters, players; anyone who enters this game is their target. They can't differentiate between a character controlled by players in the real world and the digital me. We are all the same to these programmed killers.

These thoughts remind me of the pain from losing Verve. I still need a way to harness the pain into something positive. I need to channel the anger. I don't want to lose my head again. The more I think about it the more I realize how dumb it was to use my body as bait, to yell and make noise and attract every dangerous creature within earshot.

"I'm a new kind of crazy! What was I thinking?" I say aloud.

I can control my anger. I will channel this energy into something positive. I have a great idea!

I will find Verve's kitten!

I walk out of my small home and head toward the last place I saw the kitten. It feels so long ago now. It hid in the jungle, peeking out at its mother and me. Perhaps it will recognize me. That's wishful thinking. I do have something in my favor today. I have raw fish. If I can find the kitten (and if I don't spook it) I might be able to tame it. Old and young ocelots like fish.

As I walk down the hill toward the jungle I look around. Rescue Island is beautiful, in a retro digital sort of way. Lots of green makes the island feel alive. Beautiful rocky faces at the north end. The south end has a large forest and is the future home of Citadel Fort. If life would slow down, I could actually build the castle of my dreams. This is starting to feel like home.

I reach the western edge of the jungle. I say aloud, as if making an important speech, "This is where I met Verve, so this is now called Verve's Jungle." The sun peaks above me. It really is a beautiful scene.

Now if I were a kitten, where would I hide? I'd want to be near trees, so I could quickly disappear at the first sign of danger.


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