Five get into a fix by Enid Blyton

Five get into a fix by Enid Blyton

Author:Enid Blyton [Blyton, Enid]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Novela, Aventuras, Infantil, Juvenil
Publisher: ePubLibre
Published: 1957-12-31T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Fourteen

Morgan is surprising too

George did not particularly want to go down to the farm, as she was afraid of Timmy meeting the farm dogs again, and being attacked. Julian saw her doubtful face and understood.

“Would you like to stay here by yourself with Timmy, George, till we come back?” he said. “You should be all right with Tim — he’ll look after you. The only thing is — will you be scared if any more rumblings and shudderings and shimmerings come again tonight?”

“I’ll stay with George,” said Anne. “It would really be best if you two boys went alone. I’m a bit tired and I don’t think I could go as fast as you’d want to.”

“Right. Then Dick and I will go together, and leave you two girls here with Timmy,” said Julian. “Come on, Dick. If we hurry, we might get back before dark.”

They set off together, and went swiftly down the winding mountain path, still white with snow. They were glad when at last they saw the farmhouse. A light was already in the kitchen, and looked very welcoming!

They went in at the front door, and made their way to the big kitchen, where Mrs. Jones was washing up at the sink. She turned in astonishment when they came in, stamping the snow from their shoes.

“Well now — this is a surprise!” she said, drying her hands on a towel. “Is there something wrong? Where are the girls?”

“They’re up at the hut — they’re fine,” said Julian.

“You have come for something more to eat?” said Mrs. Jones, feeling certain this was the reason for their sudden visit.

“No, thank you — we’ve got plenty!” said Julian. “We just wondered if we could talk to your son — Morgan. We — well, we’ve got something to tell him. Something rather urgent.”

“Well now — what could that be?” said Mrs. Jones, all curiosity at once. “Let me see - yes, Morgan will be up at the big barn.” She pointed out of the window, where a big and picturesque old barn stood, outlined against the evening sky. “It is there you will find my Morgan. You will be staying the night, now, will you not? You will like supper — a good supper”

“Well — yes, we should,” said Julian, suddenly realising that they had missed out tea altogether. “Thanks awfully. We’ll just go and find Morgan.”

They made their way out to the big old barn. Morgan’s three dogs at once ran out when they heard strange footsteps, and growled. But they recognised the boys immediately and leapt round them, barking.

The giantlike Morgan came out to see what the dogs were barking about. He was surprised to find the two boys there, fondling the dogs.

“Hey?” he said, questioningly. “Anything wrong?”

“We think there is,” said Julian. “May we tell you about it?”

Morgan took them into the almost dark barn. He had been raking it over and he went on with his raking as Julian began his tale.

“It’s about Old Towers,” said Julian, and Morgan stopped his raking at once.


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