Fish! by Stephen C. Lundin

Fish! by Stephen C. Lundin

Author:Stephen C. Lundin [Stephen C. Lundin, PhD, Harry Paul, and John Christensen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Hachette Books
Published: 2020-03-10T00:00:00+00:00

The Plan Unfolds

There was a buzz in the room as the first group assembled for the Monday morning meeting. Mary Jane opened the meeting by saying, “We’re here to clean up what has been called a toxic energy dump. Today we’ll see if we have any additional lessons from the market and then decide on our next steps. Did anyone think of anything during the weekend that we should consider before moving on?”

Stephanie and Randy jumped to their feet and took turns recalling their conversation with Wolf. Stephanie began.

“Wolf was really cool, although he was a little scary at first. I mean his voice is like a growl. Anyway, he told us his story of having a career as a professional race car driver torn away from him by a freak accident. He said he wallowed in pity for a while and then, when his girlfriend left him and friends stopped calling, he realized he had a basic choice to make. He could choose to live and to live fully, or he could let life slip away in a series of missed opportunities. He has been making the choice to live fully every day since. It was quite a story.”

“My son was fascinated with Wolf,” continued Randy. “Wolf really got me thinking about our situation here on three, and how much power we have over the kind of place we create. We could make three into a great place to work if we learn the lesson of Wolf. We must choose our attitude every day and choose it well.”

Steve nodded in agreement. “Hearing Wolf talk about his choices made me think about how I choose to talk about my work,” he said. “I realized that I complain a lot but never do anything about it. It’s like my words don’t help me to accomplish anything. But words like make their day or be there remind me that I can make somebody’s life better. It makes me feel good about my job, even if it’s not perfect.”

“That’s a great observation, Steve,” Mary Jane responded. “I have heard it said that if you want to change your culture, change your conversations. Lonnie told me that when the guys at the market started to talk in new ways about their work, they started to live that way, too. The Fish Philosophy will give us a new common language. The more we talk about being there for one another, making one anothers’ day, playing and choosing our attitudes, the less time we’ll have for words that don’t move us forward.”

Mary Jane smiled appreciatively. “Thanks, Steve. Thank you, Randy. Thanks, Stephanie,” she said. “It sounds like you were busy this weekend. And thanks for not asking for overtime!” After the laughter died down, Mary Jane asked, “Who else has something to offer that will help us understand these practices?” Forty-five minutes later, she decided to bring the discussion to a close. “Any ideas on where we go from here?”

“Why don’t we form a team for each of the four practices?” said one of the newer employees.


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