Finding My Pack by Lane Whitt

Finding My Pack by Lane Whitt

Author:Lane Whitt [Whitt, Lane]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2015-10-27T05:00:00+00:00

"Lead the way ma'am. By the way, you don't look a day over thirty." I smile at her, trying to be the 'boy' she thinks I am.

She snorts but her cheeks color. "Now you save that charmin' smile for my girl over there." She slides her hand on my bicep anyhow, probably out of habit with her Southern manners, and we stroll back to the lobby.



A cheer goes up when I announce it's free skate time. As much as the kids like to learn, they like to play even more. I glance over to Logan and see Miss Annie bop him on the nose, making me giggle. He must have sworn, I guess I should have warned him but Logan seems like the type that needs to learn the hard way. The two of them talk for a minute before I see Miss Annie blush and Logan smile. It seems like Miss Annie approves of him and that makes me happy. I don't need her approval but I like the both of them and it's good they're getting along. She doesn't usually like teens in general, not that Logan is really a teen, but she doesn't know that. I watch as they walk off together through the double doors, she probably took him up on his offer to help out.


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